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I want to locate my IQ score from when I was a child. How

Resolved Question:

I want to locate my IQ score from when I was a child. How can I find it? My high school (I graduated in 1968) says it doesn't save records past 5 years.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  M.Arch replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomer and thank you for your question.

Even when a school itself does not keep students' records beyond 3-5 years, the school district usually keeps transcripts indefinitely. You didn't mention the name of the school, so I could not research the contact info for you, but ordinarily you just need to call the superintendent's office for the school district.

However, the information that is typically kept are your grades, years of attendance and graduation (if applicable), and sometimes attendance records, involvement in school clubs, sports, activities, awards won, etc. - in other words the type of information that would ordinarily have appeared on your grade reports, transcripts sent to colleges or employers, etc.
The school district would not necessarily keep IQ scores and other diagnostic/placement information beyond a few years, and is not required to do so.

If it is the case that the district no longer has this information, then the only other possibility for locating the original score would be to ask whether the school district can provide the contact information for the company that conducted the IQ tests (these tests are typically administered by outside consultants, as the results are not considered valid unless proctored by a trained and licensed educational psychologist).
Again though, the district may not have this information at this point - and even if they do, the company may not keep records so far back, or even be in business at this point. These tests are conducted by individual institutions and companies, so there is no big comprehensive database out there of scores - so if the school district can't give you the scores or direct you to the testing entity then unfortunately those old scores are probably lost forever.

But on the bright side: if you are interested in your IQ score, you may wish to be re-tested: it is not typical for one's IQ results to change much over time and age, so today's results would be as accurate as those you received in school. While the IQ test (Stanford-Binet test) that you would take today as an adult will not necessarily be in the same form as the one you took as child, depending on the age at which you took it originally, the results would be expected to vary by no more than a few points if you took it again today.
While one's cognitive functions such as memory, problem-solving, reasoning, etc. can change with age (and there are tests to assess these changes), the intelligence quotient does not tend to vary by more than a few points in most people over a lifetime.

You could take such a test at a local educational psychologist's office (an office that specializes in educational consulting, supplemental educational services, assistance with school and college placement, etc. usually offers these tests). Another option is to contact larger universities with educational psychology departments - sometimes these university departments even look for volunteer test subjects to take these tests at no cost.

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Thank you.
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