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Do all or most countries use the same numbers on a clock (i.e.

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Do all or most countries use the same numbers on a clock? (i.e. 1, 2, 3....) Or do they use other numbers?
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

Yes they use the same quantity of number now, but they can use different symbol to represent those (for example i have an old one with roman numeral here). But most use the 1,2,3 you refer to (this help a lot travelers, and also most hotel room number are like that now also for the same reason.

There is also different time "standard" that are created, for example the watch company Swatch created the internet time that use "beat" as it's smaller unit:

Older clock no longer standard in their own country can also be very different. For example traditional Japanese time used unequal temporal hours. Six daytime units from local sunrise to local sunset, and six night time units from sunset to sunrise. This created time differently depending of the seasons and made such clock very complex to build.

Time keeping is really old, so it got time to standardize. For exemple the "12" come from the zodiac sign and the "60" come from old Sumerian sexigessimal counting system.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I appreciate your answer. I'm not sure if I articulated.... I work for an educational products manufacturer in the USA. We are producing material that we want to use all over the world, and one illustration has a clock in it using the numbers 1-12. However, I am unsure if customers in, say, Romania or China or Russia use these same clocks. Do you understand?
It's very common to see a clock in a Japanese anime that have Arabic number system (our numbers). Romania and Russia is the same (Peter the great replaced the Cyrillic system with the Arabic system).

The clock is a universal image (the round one with the 2 arrows). The position of the symbol is what make the clock, not much the symbol, used on it. Some watch don't even have any number, just a little marker or dot.

I don't think there is any problem using one with 1-12 number.
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