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What does the Easter egg symbolize for a Christian

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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Guru_Guy replied 8 years ago.


The tradition of Easter eggs comes from European Pegan traditions, when eggs in spring represented the new life that came forth after the long winter. In Christianity, this symbolism of the egg became understood to represent the resurrection of Jesus: just as a chicken can emerge from an egg, so Jesus emerged from the tomb on Easter Sunday to bring God's new covenant to the people.

There are some old legends (with no apparent basis in fact). One Polish legend tells of the time Mary gave eggs to the soldiers at the cross. She entreated them to be less cruel and she wept. The tears of Mary fell upon the eggs, spotting them with dots of brilliant color. Another Polish legend explains how Mary Magdalen went to the sepulchre to anoint the body of Jesus. She had with her a basket of eggs to serve as a repast. When she arrived at the sepulchre and uncovered the eggs, lo, the pure white shells had miraculously taken on a rainbow of colors.

I hope this helps!

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