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Which companies in the United Kingdom provide a chemical of

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Which companies in the United Kingdom provide a chemical of analysis service? and how much would it typically cost to analyse a batch of perfume oil? I want to import perfume oil from Egypt to the United Kingdom (England), but I need to be sure the oil is not contaminated and is 100% pure. Where can I find a service to help me?
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer

Those should be able to perform what you want to test.

There are many others. The thing is that they can't just do normal spectral analysis (like for detecting lead or other contaminants) but they also need molecular spectrography for trace of different unwanted oils.

The price can vary. But i don't think this should cost more than $1000. The test you need require many manipulation because you don't test for a particular contaminant but for the confirmation it have none. the best is to email them and ask for a price, give as much detail as you can about what the composing should be and how much sample you can give to them.
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