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I want to overnight snow to my neices in Florida without it

Resolved Question:

I want to overnight snow to my neices in Florida without it melting how do I do IT
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  M.Arch replied 8 years ago.

Technically yes, you can ship snow. You can do it in much the same way that food companies ship things like frozen fish: you pack the snow in a styrofoam container, inside of another container packed with dry ice. I'm not sure where or not you can do this through the US Post Office, but you can ship frozen items through other package shippers, such as UPS.

The disappointing part of this though is that snow doesn't tend to keep its snowy consistency when frozen with dry ice. It tends to turn to a harder, icy consistency - similar to what happens when you put a snowball in your freezer.

The only way to ship snow from one place to another while ensuring that it maintains its "snowy" consistency is to send it by refrigerated truck or train car.

If you do decide to try to pack the snow with dry ice and ship it, you should contact UPS or whichever shipper you're using and ask about proper packaging and labeling. You need to tell them when dry ice is involved.

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