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Who are the top 10 book retailers in the United States Do

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Who are the top 10 book retailers in the United States? Do they each have their own sales-rankings for their books? Where can I find comparative sales-rankings for a single book, that is sold in several stores?
Your first question is a little complicated:

The top book retailers in the United States are (not necessarily in order):
Barnes and Noble
B. Dalton
Books and Co.

But: Barnes and Noble and B.Dalton are actually run by the same company.
And Borders and Waldenbooks are also both run by one company.
And Books-A-Million, Books and Co., and Bookland are all run by one company.

So it becomes nearly impossible to rank the top ten.
And all of these companies also compete with specialty stores that carry books in particular subjects, independent single bookstores and small chains, discount/variety stores that carry books, drug stores, warehouse clubs, mail-order book clubs, and the growing "e-book" market.

Source for the above info: Barnes & Noble form 10-K filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission

These stores do keep sales rankings for books. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both indicate the sales rank for every book listed on their websites. Some of the other stores seem only to make public lists of things like the "top 100" in various categories, rather than providing a comprehensive ranking of every book.

There is no site that provides comparitive rankings of how individual books sell in each store. (And this would be nearly impossible to assemble based on a book's individual ranking on each site, because the total inventory of titles carried by each store varies, as does the total quantity sold of the highest-ranking books.)

I hope this information helps. I understand from your questions that you are probably looking either for statistical sales information on one particular book, or for a way to quantify comparitive book sales at competing stores. Unfortunately there is no publicly available master list of this type of information.
If your interest is in one particular book your best best would probably be to contact the publisher.
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