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I have left eye pain and light headed in the mornings. by the

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I have left eye pain and light headed in the mornings. by the afternoon not lighted headed but the left eye still hurts. feels like pressure behind the eye but the eye does not hurt when i'm sleep only when i start to move around if i take excedrin tension medcine the pain calms down but comes back after the medicine wears off.
First you need to go to the eye doctor and rule out any glaucoma because of the pressure feeling in your eye. Then tell your regular md, have blood and urine basic workup and check for high blood pressure, lastly if they both check out normal see a neurologist for migraines as there are many meds to try to not suffer from this pain. Also try a heating pad on your eyes and face, as sinuses can also be a factor. go to this website for migrain but first the eye doctor.
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