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Assuming that the new store space is 2,800 square feet (40 70),

Customer Question

Assuming that the new store space is 2,800 square feet (40'×70'), and that the shape is rectangular, draw a layout for the new men's store. What merchandise should be placed where? What size office space and storage is needed? Where should counters be placed?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Jeffrey Flaker replied 9 years ago.
Coming from retail, the general layout is, but NOT LIMITED to....

Checkout in the front of the store this faciliates easy exit as well as monitoring of customers with or without merchandise leaving and entering the store. Optionally place a checkout in the rear to allow easy checkout for customers who are at the rear of the store....and office/cash office space in a secured area at the back of the retail space.

Office space should be in the back area which is secure yet comfortable and yet small enough to not remove too much square footage from the retail space. Probably not more than 250 sq ft.

What drives me nuts is merchandise that goes together not being in the related areas....belts with pants, ties with shirts, sock with shoes, etc. In my experience belts are sometimes not in with the pants and socks are in the underwear section....sometimes on the opposite side of the store

As far as WHERE the items go is up to the imagination. You could lay out the store in the form of the human body.....from front to, then slacks/belts, then shirts/ties, then jackets/coats/gloves/scarfs, then accessories like watches or gold bracelets/chains.......

I believe that some stores are set up in unrelated item ways to make people move about the store which can cause people to impulse buy. I get it, but for someone who doesn't want to shop but wants to just get a few things and do it quickly, a setup which facilitates quick in and out while moving the person from the entrance through to what they want would work.....Keep in mind, men generally do not shop so an efficient store layout to allow quick shopping would be more popular with men than to frustrate them by making them move around to differing areas in no particular order.

I hope this helps