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I am interested in purchasing industrial and other surplus

Resolved Question:

I am interested in purchasing industrial and other surplus for resale. Everywhere I look, I find people who are purchasing such material and reselling it to people like me for a second resale. Please tell me how I can cut through the middle man and get to the really lucrative offerings with may be out there.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  The Geezer replied 9 years ago.
The key to locating and capitalizing on spreads in any commodity - metals, land, cardboard, pallets, anything - is to get "to the source" where the commodity is generated or made available.

For scrap metals, you need to contact the factories and parts producers. If you respond to ads you are already at least one level removed from "the source".

For land, you need to write to land owners. Realtors and speculators who are advertising are already at least one level removed from "the source".

For cardboard boxes, you need to be talking to supermarkets and retail stores directly. Anyone advertising cardboard has already done the legwork "at the source".

For pallets, or whatever you want to buy wholesale and sell retail, you have to get to the source.

Target one or two commodities to start, and develop a contact list of actual sources. Work directly with the sources to take their unwanted byproducts off their hands. Anything less makes your efforts at least one level removed from "the source".

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Some of the offerings I have seen are carpet, plumbing by the pallet, golf carts, car mats, paint, etc. I was hoping you could give me some suggestions that would enable me to discover on my own such a potpourri of miscellaneous offerings. More directly, who makes the carpet, the paint, the plumbing supplies, etc., from whom I can buy these things at ground level. This has been my challenge.
Expert:  The Geezer replied 9 years ago.
For carpets, you may be able to buy remnants from the manufacturers or from warehouses. Search for them via the internet, Yellow Pages, and by inquiring at carpet retailers.

Actually, for almost all retail goods, you can inquire from the retailers themselves where they source their inventory.

The development of a "ground level" network is the challenge for all businesses, whether one deals in land, jewelry, or tangible property of any kind.