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I am trying to find an expert in reading telephone records ...

Customer Question

I am trying to find an expert in reading telephone records that have been tampered with via a spoofing card--can you direct me to an expert in the United States?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  MsWest replied 9 years ago.

Hello, and welcome to Just Answer!

Unfortunately, telephone spoofing, which may be an act of fraud in many cases, has become very widespread over the past few years. The sale of "spoofcard" software is also rampant. Some sellers of this type of software claim it is not traceable, but there are ways to track this.

Many companies that mention "spoof card investigations" or something similar in their advertisements are actually SELLERS of spoofing software.

Here is a company that investigates telephone spoofing:

I hope this answers your question, but if you need more information please let me know.

Thank you for trusting Just Answer with your question.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ms West
Thank you for the information. I will follow up on it-I hope to find the right person to help me-I entered accept--patment should have gone through--I have never even heard of Just Answer,but I am glad to know it exists--if you have any other ideas for me regarding spoofinga person's phone, in order to frame them and then sue them for it, please contact me. I would pay a lot for somebody to help me. Thank You again.
Cynthia Raymond--Customer
Expert:  MsWest replied 9 years ago.

Thank you for the Accept. I will see what else I might be able to find out for you.

Depending on what you find out through the link I gave you, if you have more specific questions about this, please just post your question to my attention in the subject line - like this: Attention MsWest. I will then see your question quickly and be able to help you further.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX I wish you the best regarding this.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Attention Ms West-I am willing to pay a lot of money to the person who provides me with an expert who can decipher telephone records that have been tampered with. My phone was spoofed by DD and she then sued me for this--I have excellent attorney--but still need expert to assist with reading tampered phone records. Residing in Montana limits my resources--am willing to pay what it takes to bring right person on board--I welcome any help. Customer
Expert:  MsWest replied 9 years ago.


I am still trying to find someone who specializes in the deciphering and tracking of telephone records. When I locate the proper person/company, I will have a Just Answer administrator contact you. We can then continue from there.

This may take a bit of time, so please be patient while I do some research for you.

I sent this to you as an information request so you wouldn't receive an e-mail prompt to pay again.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX hope to be in contact with you soon.