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Have we had anything dropping from the sky this morning I ...

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Have we had anything dropping from the sky this morning? I saw a blue/green light hit behind Mt. Helena on the western side and the whole mountain lit up at about 0630 this morning. Penny Schreiner, Helena Montana
Hi there,

Can you tell me how long the light lasted? Was it very brief, a few seconds, or did it last longer?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Scott's Post: Just briefly,looked something like a shooting star/comet, but blue/green and very close, was surprized how much the west side of the mountain lit up, could see the entire outline of the mountain...PMS
Hi again,

I have done a thorough sweep of news for Montana and couldn't find anything about something dropping from the sky. While it is possible that a piece of space debris or a meteorite crashed to Earth (this happens very often, and usually uneventfully), the most likely explanation is that it was a so-called "green flash". These occur just before sunrise or just after sunset and can be green or blue (or both). They are a rare, but natural, physical phenomenon.

See this link:

If you don't think that's what it was, please write back, and we can do some more research.

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Hi there,

I thought I'd let you know that while green flashes are real, you actually did see a meteor yesterday morning! There were many sightings across the entire Northwest, from Montana to Washington and up to British Columbia, right at 6:30 am.

Here are some links:

Helena IR:

News video:

Missoula Newspaper:

Billings Gazette:

Comparing it to something from 1972:

Don't forget to check out tonight's lunar eclipse:

(You don't have to pay again for reading this.)


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