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Gerald, Internet Researcher
Category: General
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Experience:  I minored in Shakespeare at NYU & read at least one book a week and the NY times everyday. 145 I.Q.
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why is the grasshopper a good luck symbol

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Gerald replied 9 years ago.

Hello & Happy New Year ~ Thank you for coming to Just Answers with your question. The grasshopper, just as with many symbols, can mean different things in different cultures, traditions or religions. In fact, the ancient Hebrews considered the grasshopper to be a symbol of scourge. Relating that perhaps to its relative the locust, I think that is a pretty logical leap. However, in Chinese tradition, grasshoppers and crickets were assuredly seen as good luck. Additionally they were seen as a sign of prosperity, good cheer and abundance and sometimes even virtue. They sometimes were revered to the point that little cages were built for them. (These were to house the ones that were found, they were not actually bred.) The ancient Greeks even used the grasshopper as a sign of nobility. It seems that a lot of this ado was based upon interpreting its physical and perceived psychological agilities. The grasshoppers long and large legs can enable it to jump up to 20 times it's body length ... pretty impressive I think, by any cultural standards! As life may seem to move along slowly, when the grasshoppers shows up, it was interpreted as an omen of a great leap for what is coming in one's life. Certainly better than the slow step by step progress life is normally made up of. I am sure many people have encountered our 'cold blooded' little friends patiently and bravely warming themselves up on a rock. This knack for being in the warmth and light before this great leap also added to the positive connotations. Of course the leap is always up or forward! Never back! Even some of the more modern Native cultures in the Americas see the grasshopper as a positive totem, pretty much by making some similar observations. I hope this helps you out, and that if the grasshopper has caught either your imagination or spirit,Wink may you have a great leap into the New Year!