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If a gentleman friend that you have been dating,tells you

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that you''d be supprised at how much he knows about you, and you know that he is a friend with a lawyer, how would I find out if the lawyer looked up and gave him certain information about me? Like my Army''s DD 214.


I have to wonder is he is just messing with you. No ethical lawyer would look up anything like that on someone. First of all, it wouldn't be legal for them to do so.

If this gentleman friend didn't say anything specific about what he "knows," I would bet he is just playing games with you . . . maybe fishing for you to tell him things.

I hope this relieves your mind a bit. Let me know if you need more information about this, and, if you do, please share more details with me and tell me more about your situation with this man so I can help you further with this.

Thanks for trusting your question to Just Answer.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I thought that Ms West would say something like this. I never give any man very much information about myself. I never say what my bills are, who I do business with, who I owe, if I have ever did anything illegal, which is no. He wants to marry me, but our faiths are different, but we do serve the same God. I do believe his lawyer would find out information for him because he has handled his first divorce of 20 years. I do believe that his wife was at fault. His children seem to side with him. I asked him what did he know? He basically said things that I told him when I was angry at a family member or something. But, after a short lived marriage of only 2 years when I was in the military, I just don't trust any man as far as I can spit. I watch everything they do. I don't even leave my purse around them. This man is in business for himself. He is what one would call well to do. I guess if I were to marry him I would be signing a prenuptial agreement. I came after me at work one day. He seems quite happy with me though. I guess I am just afraid of another marriage at my age. I have no small children.

I can understand your reluctance to trust, given what has happened in the past. I guess only you can know what is the best decision to make about marrying this man. Yes, being of different faiths can sometimes cause problems.

You think this lawyer would find out things for him? Wow. That is just not right.

I wish you the best is deciding what to do. If I can ever help you further, just let me know. Sometimes just talking about things helps us to see a situation more clearly.

Take care.

MsWest and 13 other General Specialists are ready to help you

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