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The Geezer
The Geezer, Successful careers
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Experience:  Retired Civil Engineer, USC Professor & Realtor, financier
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What career would you choose to go into if you was deciding ...

Resolved Question:

What career would you choose to go into if you was deciding on going to college,or what career would you go into to finish up in 2 years and be able to get a job in your field in that time
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  angelkelly replied 9 years ago.


Each expert here, and every person in general would answer this question differently.

I'd say that if you are unsure of what you want to do in the future, then the best thing to do is think about what you like doing, and try to find a course based around that. Theres nothing worse than being stuck in a job you really dont like!

What sort of hobbies and interests do you have? What do you like to do for fun?

If you could find yourself a course /job based on this, then it will give you the passion and motivation to succeed.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hobbies: playing pool,playing bashetball every blue moon,and its almost inpossible to make big in those hobbies thats why I'm having to decide on something that I have to do instead something I want to do. Before you respond to this question I can only pay you for only one responses.I wont be able to pay you for 2 answers.I'll pay for just 1 answer that really helped me. Thanks so much.
Expert:  angelkelly replied 9 years ago.

Thats no problem at all, I'd only expect you to pay for an answer you are happy with.

OK so lets take a look at what you could do:

You obviously enjoy your sports, how are you at writing? You could complete a journalism course at colledge and go on to become a sports writer. You could go freelance, apply for a regualr spot in papers, and once you become a writer you can always change your writing subject at any point to fit in with your life, its a job thats different everyday and will give you the opportunity to express passion for the game.

It is hard to become a sportsperson within those industries, but how about becoming someone behind the scenes?

Take a managerial course and run a snooker hall. You can start from assistant manager and work your way up, maybe until you own your own snooker hall. Again this role is very flexible, there are always opening for managers. You might start off in a snooker hall, but from that base you could become a manager of a hotel, restaurant, companies, the list goes on. Once you have proven managerial skills it is very easy to move from position to position, and with experience comes greater salaries.

If you train in a very specific area, you are limited to that area until someone is wiling to re-train you or you can afford to take the time out to do it yourself. If you take a course in a general topic, you will find it easier to move from one role to the next, without the neeed for further training and experience. Business management, journalism, these are courses that will give you the flexibility and freedom in the future to take on diverse job roles in the future. For example if you studied hairdressing, you are only ever qualified to be a hair dresser - with journalism you can expand from writing to presenting, research work, behind the scenes, in a vast majority of subjects and styles. A job like this can grow with you, giving you freedom to express yourself, but allowing for change at any time.

Are you interested in any of the following subject areas?

Management Administration
Marketing Art/Design
Communication Media/Radio/TV/Film
Hotel/Institutional Management

There are dozens of courses within each sector that lend themselves to job flexibility, and many can be taken as a general course too.

Also click on the link below and take this test called 'the stamford test'. It wil help you figure out what courses would be ideal for you based upon what you like doing and your stongest subjects. Dont worry about filling in personal details, just make up an email address as you'll get the results instantly afterwards:;

I hope I have given you some food for thought, and that you find the right course for you.

If you need any more help, just reply and I'll keep narrowing down courses and options for you.



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes,I'm really sorry about this one.I'm not really satisfied with this one.In general what associate degree program or 4 year program would be good enough to land a good paying job that haves to be a job that's in demand.Probably a course that would be good to do at home or on camps or easy in general. Thank you
Expert:  angelkelly replied 9 years ago.

Thats no problem at all, I would never expect you to pay for an answer you werent happy with.

Lets address the issue of jobs in demand - the market for jobs ontinually fluctuates. Just because there are many graphics designer jobs available at the moment, doesnt mean there will be in 4 years time.

So if you want a job where you a guaranteed a good placement, my advice would be to stick to professions that will always be in demand, whatever the the particular fads are at the time. By this I mean: Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, etc

We will always need these kinds of jobs filled, and in general they are well paid jobs as you have to be appropriatley qualified in each one. Each one, depending on the level you want to be at, takes approximatley 4 years to complete to the undergraduate stage (although this can often depend on the person). The great thing is that as an undergraduate, you can still go out, get a well paid job, but contine to learn (wether that be online, or part time) whilst you are making money. You can get first hand experience in that field and decide upon your specialty and take it further - thus earning you more money.

Out of the three mentioned I would say that teaching would be the easiest. Plus you have potential for not only teaching work at mainstream schools, colleges or universities - but you can do private tutoring, teach in establishments for disabed and impared people (with a couple of extra courses which are reasonably easy to complete). You can specialise in a subject that you really genuinley enjoy, and pass on that enthusiasm to the next generation. You can move up the 'ladder' to become head of year, head of department, head teacher. Your skills can be used on examination boards, where they often take on teachers to comprise tests and exams. There are almost limitless possibilities of subjects to choose from, institutions to teach in, and of course further education as and when you decide to take on new specialities and roles.

With an ever increasing population, there will always be a need for good teachers. ts deffinatley a career worth thinking about.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes, but like a college like Penn Foster what do you think about that university (at home schooling).yes one main reason for answering this question is that really I need to no step by step to get in a community college or Regular College.2.)I'm undecided on witch Course to take up but I've got to college brochures sent to me so far here would be one that I requested Business Managment with a option of Human Resourse,but that is one of the courses that are not in demand though.Another college basically didnt have any demand courses but I was thinking they said criminal justice was one I was wandering would that be requirment to be a lawyer I know that that 's about a 8 year program.Another one may be a eye doctor which would probably be a hard one for me to complete,I was wandering would they happen to help or guide you out through this program.Then there is another thought that I had would be trying to go for a office or computer job which I dont think is in demand.Another thought would be a refree with eityher football or basketball which those arent demand jobs either.And sorry though its one more I like writing songs and thats not in demand either.It's a hard one and I was trying to get a little help from here.Thank and respond as soon as you would like thanks once again.
Expert:  The Geezer replied 9 years ago.
The best advice is to plan on doing something you actually like. Thirty to forty years is a long time to be stuck in a job you don't like.

The challenge to all who work hard and save their money is to find investment returns that exceed the rate of inflation. No matter what your initial investment and periodic additions to principal, the safest investments usually earn the lowest interest rates.

Practically speaking, if one judges inflation by real prices of real commodities and not by the "adjusted" official government numbers, if one doesn't earn more than about 6% on your money, one actually LOSES GROUND to inflation.

So what did I tell my own son, now 25 and off to law school? "Invest in MENTAL CAPITAL". That means learn all you can about another investment vehicle other than your regular job. Mental capital is immune to inflation, can't be taxed, and is always available to work on your behalf. Even if you are bankrupt you still can retain and use mental capital.

Easy enough to say. But what to learn about?

I have always been interested in vacant land. I surveyed it as a kid in my dad's business, went to engineering school partly as a result, and have just retired from a career based in part on that knowledge. I have learned a large fraction of all there is to know about buying and selling low-priced vacant land in my state. Tax sales, probate sales, writing to owners, options, creative financing, with and without real estate agents... there are not a lot of folks who have done that.

What are YOU interested in. Cars? Even within the field of cars there are subfields. Classic cars, exotic cars, restoring cars, buying and selling cars...

Jewelry? You can buy jewelry in pawnshops, at local "jewelry marts", some vendors will sell to you on consignment. You pay $10 for a piece and sell it for $30... $10 down, $10 next month, and $10 the last month... and do it over and over...

Whatever it is that you are truly interested in, your task is to become more knowledgeable about it than anyone else. Whatever "it" is - learn where to buy it, how to sell it, what gives it value, why people want it, unique ways to sell it to them, ... start small but start.

Anything that costs money and that people want is a candidate for investment of mental capital. This is not "get rich quick" advice - but it is sound advice. Mental capital is the only reliable way to further improve your financial state of affairs.

Truly blessed are people who, even part-time, can do what they love and get paid for it. That is the best, XXXXX XXXXX safest way to grow money, and it provides the best satisfaction as well.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
more info if possible.Thanks
Expert:  The Geezer replied 9 years ago.
Review your own purchases over the last six months. What have you YOURSELF spent money on that you could conceivably learn about and sell to others yourself?

Of those things, do any in particular seem fun or interesting to pursue?

If so, there is a potential place for you to start investing mental capital.
The Geezer, Successful careers
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 1387
Experience: Retired Civil Engineer, USC Professor & Realtor, financier
The Geezer and 52 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Sir,you can go to law school,or be come a doctor in 4 years? I know you could to be a teacher.I 've got 2 relatives that been in that field.Well I guess you could get qualified to teach in just about anything right. Have you heard of Penn Foster for getting your degree at home.Would recommend going to that one.Yes,could you get certified to Industrial Maintence with a option in maintence mechanics,electricans.If so how long does it take to get certified to teach in this field. Me personally, I liked the business type atomphere and especialy when I took it in school.I got hands on instrution on how to type write and the basics on the how to work a computer.
Expert:  The Geezer replied 9 years ago.
Law school is 7 years, doctor is 10, both have rigorous qualification requirements. The other fields you mention are good work. Anything to do with mechanical equipment is a guarantee of lifetime employment, people will always be needed to maintain and repair equipment.

But my recommendation is to focus on something that really motivates and interests you.