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You helped me before a few months ago - I understood your ...

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You helped me before a few months ago - I understood your thinking. I put my house on the market hoping a change from memories would be good but somethings have happened since to make me realize that I am just as well off staying put and at least know my house and its problems.   Just this week I worked on this decision but I don't know what to do since I am listed until 9/11 with this realtor - he wants a meeting this weekend with the same people again to come to some arrangement - I told him no meeting just submit an offer if they really want it.   But as for selling I do have doubts and should I just ride out the listing or what is the proper way to do it? Thank you
You are under no obligation to attend any meetings.

You did the right thing. "I will accept written offers only. No jawboning, pressure, or face to face discussions. If they want the house, I want to see their best offer."

You are entirely within your rights to make that statement. You could meet with the agent's boss if you wish. You can wait until the listing expires and then find a REAL Realtor who takes seriously his fiduciary duty to YOU. You can decide not to sell at this time. YOU are the client, it is YOUR house, if your agent isn't HELPING you think through your situation then you need a new agent.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to The Geezer's Post: Thank you for the reassurance on my action. It is my mom and brother only that has been helping - I am not at all inclined to ask the realtor anything because of his conduct.   There is quite a list of strange things he has done and so I do not confide in him at all.   He even told me that I should take my house off the market when I did not accept the offer that was almost an insult. I have tried to contact his company but will feel bolder and more specific about it if and when I am finished with him. Even changing my mind about selling I want them to know about him. But do I properly need to keep the listing with him until it expires if I feel these second thoughts on selling? That is where I am unclear as to the correct way. Thank you.
You can ask the boss of all the realtors to cancel the listing, and you can tell him why. Odds are he will agree to do so as an accommodation to you, and since the listing will be expiring soon anyhow.

But even if he doesn't agree to cancel the listing, it expires shortly. If no full price offers come between now and then, your "problem" solves itself.

And, odds are overwhelming that no full price offers WILL come before then.
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