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how do i market my own home made pies

Resolved Question:

everyone loves my home made coconut creme pies and suggest that i place them on the market
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Patricia replied 10 years ago.
Hi Jerline. You know that anytime you start selling food items, the board of health is going to get involved. Just how involved they may get is a local decision. It could include making inspections in your home and your kitchen to make sure all hygiene standards are met, ingredients are properly stored, utensils are washed using hot enough water, and so on. Basically the same kind of inspections any restaurant or other food provider would have to meet and pass. My suggestion would be to first contact some of your local grocers, bakeries and other stores that are set up to sell this kind of item. Take a sample with you and talk to them about selling it through their store. They will know exactly which kinds of standards must be met in order to sell to the public. You could also just let it get around, word of mouth, that you are willing to bake and sell them directly but, be prepared to still have to hear from the board of health if the word gets too far around. One possible way to avoid that is to not actually sell your pies. Make and distribute them for free but take a "donation" of X amount of money as a contribution towards purchasing the ingredients. I hope this helps and good luck with it. Patricia
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