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this question is about a real estate agent that I have. i

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this question is about a real estate agent that I have. i am new to this but I recently put my home on the market and have been looking for another at the same time. Once the agent was quick to show me homes but the other 2 times it has been days before she would make an appointment with me.   It takes her 2-3 days to make an offer for me.   To be fair to her what should I really expect from an agent. I have a friend in real estate and they have been discouraged by her treatment almost from the beginning but I wanted a second opinion.
There are really only two things a realtor has to offer - and I speak as both a prior licensed salesman in California and as a person who has been a principal in quite a few transactions.

(1) A realtor can offer skills and knowledge that a client does not have - knowledge of the market, negotiating skills, access to buyers or sellers that other agents cannot provide.

(2) A realtor can offer Service "beyond the call of duty."

Rarely do you get both. Sometimes you get neither. In California, one person in twenty has a license. That absolutely does NOT mean they have either (1) or (2).

You do not need to use the same agent for your house hunting that you have already signed a listing agreement with for selling your house.

In fact, if you are insistent you should be able to discuss - with the broker supervising your agent - the cancellation of your current listing for the reason that your agent isn't serving you well enough.

When I was an agent, the offer was done within an hour or two, and presented as soon as the seller could be contacted. It was the same throughout our office. I am still close friends with the owner of that office. TWICE in my house shopping quests he showed me FIFTY houses in the greater LA area in the course of three weeks. Why would I use anyone else? Why would I settle for luke-warm service, whatever the reason? And why would I use an agent who really doesn't know any more than I do about buying, selling and financing real estate?

THAT'S what you should expect from an agent. It won't be easy to find someone like that - the question is, don't you want service and skills like that? Then it's worth the search.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to The Geezer's Post: Thank you - I feel more conviction now. I have really received neither. I am more current on the mls listing and status of the ones I am watching then she is - and the speed for the 2 offers I have made has been a couple of days. Not too mention how slowly she reponds to me. And I have done the homework just to save her running all over the county for me.
Once you find the RIGHT agent you will be SO GLAD you spent the effort. Good luck with this!