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Do they make pants to fit older men with large beer bellies?

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do they make pants to fit older men with large beer bellies?

Hello and welcome to JA.

What size are you looking for ?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to danny541's Post: He wears 44 X 36 but they are huge on him. He has to get a 44" inch waist because of his beer belly. Then he has cinch it up so tight he can barely breath to keep them up. If they fall below the beer belly, they fall off. What I am looking for is something like they make for pregnant women where the legs and hips fit and there is room for the belly and still stay up. In maternity terms he would be giving birth any day now.

Okay, that's cute, my dad had the same problem.

What stores have you tried so far? Do you want to buy from the internet or regular big men stores ?


I have searched through several big mens sites, and these should really great.

Its called BigMansLand. They have all types of pants cargo, dress, jeans and the prices range from 9.99 to 13.99 and up if you want really expensive.

These pants have elastic waist like pregnant women's but they are for men, and they look very nice, I might buy from him, since I'm large too.

Also has your husband ever thought about wearing suspenders, you can find them in all sizes and colors, and I find them very comfortable. Just a thought.

Number: 1-***-***-****

If you want additional sites , please let me know. Also they sell all kids of other clothes.

"PLEASE CLICK" The green accept button, so I get " PAID" for my work !!



Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I'm sorry Danny, but that really doesn't help. I'm afraid I missed telling you some info. He works in the horse industry and wear nothing but jeans. Also, he had polio when he was 3 years old and does not have the use of his left arm and shoulder. Therefore, it is uncomfortable for him to use. suspenders (At least this is the reason he gives for not wearing them). I have bought him several pair. I would appreciate it if you could keep looking.

I'll get back to you as soon as I find some..


Okay, I found this site that leads to other sites.

If the search box is there ..put in.. men;s elastic waist jeans, And it should take you to a page of different men's pants and you look at what you want.

Let me know if you still need more, We will solve this.


danny541 and 14 other General Specialists are ready to help you

Hello again and thanks for the accept.

I searched for hours last night and for one today, and I'm finding ones with the elastic waist. But do you even want that type, will he wear them ?

They have the size that's no problem but because of the size, you will probably have to order from the internet to get them.

But were you talking about a special panel that is made like maternity pants? If so then you could get with a seamstress that would alternate them for you. Or my wife has even done the job herself usually at places that sell material you can buy the stretch band there and install them, I didn't know if he wears his shirts on the outside where you couldn't see it or tucked in, so I decided to put the idea out there.

I haven't seen anything except you can get that size, in stretch jeans and elastic, I don't know if you are interested in either of these. Let me know, and if not just let me thank you again.