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I have worked many jobs in my life and I cant ...

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I have worked many jobs in my life and I can't remember them all. How do I get my whole job history accurately.
The most direct way to rebuild your resume is to refer to each year's tax returns. At the front of each tax return should be the W-2's issued to you by each of your employers.

From these W-2's you can recreate your history.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to The Geezer's Post: That sounds good however a lot of my tax papers are in a storage in Hawaii, any other suggestions?
If you are like many people, the only complete report of your employment career is your collection of tax papers. And some people toss out their tax papers after a given number of years.

Fortunately, most of your prospective future employers will only be concerned with your job history for the most recent five to ten years. If you can recall enough of your work history to complete THAT, you can update it with exact dates from your storage data, next time you get the aloha spirit.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I am applying for a County Department of Corrections position and they want to know EVERYTHING. All my past jobs from the time I started working at the age of 16. I am now 31. I have had probably over twenty jobs since then. Many, many 1 or 2-day assignments with temp agencies. There is no website or place I can go to for this info?
The best way to handle the temp assignments is to indicate the approximate time period you served in the one- and tw-day temp periods, describe the type of work you did, and describe the type of employers you served.

I was a bureaucrat for 33-1/2 years. Even the Department of Corrections can't be more bureaucratic than where I was. Your summary (rather than the individual listing of temp jobs) will satisfy them.

Make sure that the time periods you show on your application don't show any obvious gaps in your work history. They WILL expect to see that you did SOMETHING throughout that time.

Unfortunately, there is no website where everyone's work history is recorded. The data is buried somewhere at the Social Security Administration, although it could be a while before it could be located. Another expert has indicated that you CAN get a copy of your W-2s. He notes that the SSA is the only place a person can get an employment report and a copy of W-2's for every year worked of their life.

But I am certain they won't be able to respond to your request in time to meet your filing deadline with the Department of Corrections.

Here is the SSA link in case you want to pursue that avenue:
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