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1. If you were a specialist working for the National

Customer Question

1.   If you were a specialist working for the National Security Agency, your main job would likely be
     A. electronic surveillance.
     B. analyzing and breaking coded messages.
     C. analyzing data from spy satellites.
     D. working in the field to carry out covert operations.

2.   The largest proportion of federal revenues comes from
     A. social insurance taxes.
     B. excise taxes.
     C. borrowing.
     D. personal income taxes.

3.   Which one of the following individuals would be most likely to vote?
     A. A 19-year-old high school graduate who likes to complain about the government
     B. A 22-year-old computer programmer
     C. A 30-year-old college graduate who has just moved to a new state
     D. A 50-year-old corporate executive who holds a master's degree in business

4.   Which one of the following statements is most accurate for law enforcement?
     A. Law enforcement agencies are employed by the court system.
     B. Ordinary police officers aren't required to understand how to gather evidence.
     C. Law enforcement officers are mainly required to uphold the law.
     D. There is no county law enforcement department.

5.   Suppose you're interested in finding information on your senators and representatives and on current bills before Congress. Which one of the following resources would be best for this purpose?
     A. Your public library
     B. Your local newspaper
     C. Television
     D. History books

6.   Under the Constitution of the United States, you may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without
     A. due process of law.
     B. being charged with a crime.
     C. due respect for law.
     D. being suspected of a crime.

7.   A war in Mexico would be under the _______ Command.
     A. Central
     B. Pacific
     C. Southern
     D. Northern

8.   The outcome of the 2000 presidential election was decided by a
     A. careful recount of the Florida votes.
     B. majority of the popular vote.
     C. majority vote of the electoral college.
     D. decision of the Supreme Court.

9.   You don't really approve of the idea of political parties. However, you're known as a Federalist and are soon associated with that party. Chances are good that your name is
     A. James Madison.
     B. Abraham Lincoln.
     C. Thomas Jefferson.
     D. George Washington.

10.   The XYZ PAC operates on behalf of the XYZ interest group. Which campaign behavior of the XYZ PAC would be against current law?
     A. The PAC creates its own campaign for candidate Kroll and contributes to the campaign of candidate Loon.
     B. The PAC contributes $6,000 to candidate Kroll and $2,000 to candidate Loon.
     C. The PAC contributes $4,000 to the campaigns of Kroll, Loon, Marble, and Noonkester for a total of $16,000.
     D. The PAC contributes $2,000 to Kroll and $4,000 to Loon because both claim to support the PAC's legislative goals.

11.   During the Cold War, the United States foreign policy of containment consisted of
     A. wars and covert operations.
     B. wars and mutual assured destruction.
     C. deterrence and covert operations.
     D. deterrence and mutual assured destruction.

12.   To become a citizen of the United States, you must
     A. be at least 21 years old.
     B. pass an English and government test.
     C. have lived in the United States for at least six months.
     D. file a request form in a federal court.

13.   A basic position in American foreign policy has been that America must defend its foreign interests related to trade and security. The main foreign policy position opposed to this American policy is called
     A. federalism.
     B. imperialism.
     C. militarism.
     D. isolationism.

14.   You're most likely to pay your county or town taxes in the form of a/an _______ tax.
     A. property
     B. excise
     C. sales
     D. income

15.   Which one of the following political interest groups falls into the organized labor category?
     A. National Education Association
     B. American Rifle Association
     C. National Broadcasting Corporation
     D. National Audubon Society

16.   By tradition, when does the presidential campaign begin?
     A. When a candidate is officially nominated at the national convention
     B. After a candidate has gained enough electoral votes in the primaries
     C. In September, following the national convention
     D. With the New Hampshire primary

17.   Which one of the following is an example of an entitlement?
     A. The right to vote
     B. Receiving Social Security
     C. Freedom of speech
     D. Serving in the military

18.   In the United States, your legal right to express your political opinions to government officials is granted under the _______ Amendment.
     A. First
     B. Second
     C. Fourth
     D. Fourteenth

19.   Why does the Central Intelligence Agency have more freedom of action than other federal agencies?
     A. Both its budget and operations are secret.
     B. It carries out U.S. foreign policy under the FBI.
     C. It answers to Congress only for its financial needs.
     D. The agency doesn't report to anyone.

20.   In general, you would expect the platform of a political party to
     A. lead to a national convention.
     B. guide the political issues of the party's candidate.
     C. consist of party leaders called planks.
     D. determine the outcome of a general election.
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