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How many miles is the L.A. Aqueduct on Avenue T in ...

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How many miles is the L.A. Aqueduct on Avenue T in Little Rock from Mt. Emma Road in Little Rock near the Little Rock Recreational Dam?
Avenue T in Little Rock doe not cross the Los Angeles Aqueduct (Thomas Map 4377 and 4378). If you proceed west on Avenue T into Palmdale, Avenue T turns into Pearblossom Highway, which does cross the California Aqueduct at 4286E7.

In Littlerock itself, Pearblossom Highway does cross the California Aqueduct on Map 4378, Grid B1, right near 96th Street East. I shall assume this is the crossing you are referring to.

Little Rock Reservoir, where there is a boat launch, is found on TG 4377 Grid D6. It is actually just over a mile south of Mt. Emma Road, along Cheseboro Road.

From the intersection of 96th Street East and Pearblossom Highway, proceed south about 1.4 miles to Fort Tejon. Proceed west about 0.7 miles on Fort Tejon to Mt. Emma. Proceed west on Mt. Emma about 2.8 miles to Cheseboro. Proceed south aboput 1.3 miles to the Little Rock Reservoir.

Total driving distance along this route: about 6.2 miles.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
My question is how far is the Los Angeles Aqueduct from Mt. Emma Road. I Believe it is as you say from Pearblossom and Barrel Springs Road. Is the Little Rock Dam part of the Los Angeles Aqueduct? Are you also saying that it picks up Near Fort Tejon Road in Little Rock which may mean it runs right through Mt. Emma Road going east to Fort Tejon. I need Los Angeles Aqueduct to get as close to Mt. Emma Road as possible.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to The Geezer's Post: Ok - Take Pearblossom Highway which crosses the California Aqueduct to Barrel Springs Road. Make a right turn onto Barrel Springs Road. Take that to Cheeseboro Road. Make a right turn onto cheeseboro Road to Mt. Emma Road. That is where my property is at. How many miles is my property from the California Aqueduct. Is the California Aqueduct part of the Little rock Recreational Dam? And Does it run all the way to Fort Tejon which would mean it runs through Mt. Emma road.
The intersection of Barrel Springs Road and Cheseboro Road is with 1.1 miles of the California Aqueduct at it's closest point. The California Aqueduct crosses Cheseboro Road north of that intersection. (Thomas Guide 4377 C2).

If your property is south of that intersection, add the distance from that intersection; if your property is north of that intersection, subtract that distance.

The Little Rock Reservoir is not a part of the California Aqueduct.

The Aqueduct east of Cheseboro Road runs roughly "along" Pearblossom Highway, coming close to Fort Tejon near 82nd Street East (TG 4377 H2). It does not get as far south as Mount Emma Road.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.

Mt. Emma Road Changes its name to Fort Tejon due east of Mt. Emma. So I don't understand what you mean. Mt. Emma is a paved road that runs east and west. At the end of the paved road due east, Mt. Emma changes its name to Fort Tejon. If you drive along Pearblossom going east towards Fort Tejon you have to pass cheeseboro road which is near the four points - and when you get to cheeseboro road you then make a right turn off of pearblossom and onto cheeseboro road going north towards Mt. Emma. the only time Mt. Emma is south is when you leave the Little Rock dam off of cheeseboro Road going south, Mt. Emma crosses Cheeseboro Road. Further south of Cheeseboro is Pearblossom again going due east you catch Fort Tejon. You see Mt. Emma changes its name to Fort Tejon and Fort Tejon curves and attaches itself to Pearblossom. If the Aqueduct have to pass Cheeseboro road roughly along Pearblossom Highway then techniquely isn't it running along Mt. Emma which is North of that until it get to Fort Tejon? Also if the Aqueduct runs along Pearblossom and meets up to Cheeseboro Road, then what is the distance from Pearblossom and Cheeseboro Road to Mt Emma Road. Also the ariel map I believe shows that Little Rock Creek north of Pearblossom road to the dam is getting its water from the aqueduct. Geezer, I obviously am not as good as you are so I could be wrong. Please let me know.

Also, if the Aqueduct goes along Pearblossom to Barrel Springs Road and meets to the point of Cheeseboro Road, what is the Distance from Cheeseboro Road and Barrel springs to Mt. Emma road which is a couple of minutes north of that. I am not good at adding and subtracting distance.

Thank you.
According to the map, Mt. Emma meets Fort Tejon Road at the east end of Mt. Emma. Fort Tejon itself continues to the northwest and to the southeast. It is not a name change, it is the meeting of two separate roads. See this map:,+-116.309996149+(APN+0599374040000)&iwloc=A&hl=en
(Click "hybrid" to see the aerial photo and the streets at the same time.)

The California Aqueduct runs roughly east and west between Pearblossom Highway and Mount Emma Road. In this stretch it is actually closer to Pearblossom Highway. It does come close on the north side to the intersection of Fort Tejon and 82nd Street East. See this map:,+-116.309996149+(APN+0599374040000)&iwloc=A&hl=en
(Click "hybrid" to see the aerial photo and the streets at the same time.)

From the intersection of Pearblossom and Cheseboro (TG 4287 C6) it is about 2.5 miles to the intersection of Mt. Emma and Cheseboro.

From the intersection of Barrel Springs and Cheseboro to Mt. Emma and Cheseboro is about 0.5 miles.

The water in the California Aqueduct is spoken for by wholesale water agencies, most notably the Metropolitan Water District. Whatever water flows from the Aqueduct into Little Rock Creek is accidently flow, due to seepage as ground water. The water in Little Rock Wash is normally seepage that passes the Little Rock Reservoir Dam, or rainfall that falls in the drainage area feeding the Wash.
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