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I have a fiber glass inground pool that has a water line. I ...

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I have a fiber glass inground pool that has a water line. I usually use the product 'off the wall' to clean the sides. Off the wall is not removing the water line. Is there another product out there that can remove this water line?
I had the same situation with an inground jacuzzi.

Typically, these stains are a combination of body oils, sunblock, chlorine, and water scale. The simplest and safest way I found to remove these stains involve the following steps:

1. Drain the water several inches below the position of the "ring around the pool".

2. Dedicate some kitchen sponges (the kind with one rough side), a roll of paper towels, and some Ajax or Comet powdered cleanser.

3. Dedicate an hour or two.

4. Scrub a small portion at a time with the paper towels and the cleaning powder. Press hard enough to use the abrasive properties of the cleanser, but no harder than necessary. Wipe often with a clean paper towel so none of the scrub products fall into the pool.

5. Where needed, after the paper towel scrub, use the rough side of the sponge with additional cleanser. Take the same precautions to prevent scrub products from falling in.

The goal is to be just abrasive enough to remove the scum ring without creating undue wear or scratching the fiberglass. With a little practice you'll learn quickly how hard to press.

Nothing else works as well or as predictably. Any chemical approach will result in fumes, changes to the pool water chemistry, and still won't work completely without more scrubbing.

Do this work early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Something cold to drink when you are done will make you feel better about the whole thing!
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