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Jane T (LLC)
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Please describe a real situation where you provided ...

Customer Question

Please describe a real situation where you provided customer service, which was beyond that of your normal job description. What were the circumstances? What made the service excellent?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Jane T (LLC) replied 10 years ago.

I was a volunteer at my local public television station one summer. I answered telephones and gave callers information on our programs in the local area. One day a man called asking when a program on bipolar disorder was to air. I looked up the information for him and told him. He then asked if I knew when they would air in FL, I said that I only had information for our PBS station, but if he knew the channel names of the FL stations I could find out. He said he did not and he had kids living all through FL that he wanted to see this program. "Oh, well, he said, that's okay, I appreciate just the information you gave me." I said, "no, hang on. If you tell me the towns where your children live I may be able to find the stations and then look up the program information for each of the stations for you." He said, "Oh, no that's too much trouble, that's not your job." I told him it was no big deal and I wanted to help him. So I manually looked up all the information for him (this was before PCs were available on all desks) and provided the information for him. He was so pleased he thanked me profusely and then had me transfer him to our membership department so he could make a donation.

My job was only to provide program information, not conduct research on other station's programming schedules. But, I felt the information was associated and it would take very little effort to provide this person with all of the information he wanted. It made him very happy that someone would take time with him and it made me happy that he was so pleased. It also was a benefit to our PBS station, which got a new member because of the service I provided.