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How do I write a letter asking for a reference

Resolved Question:

I need letters of reference for a job.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  The Geezer replied 10 years ago.
You will want to ask for references from someone who actually knows your work habits, knows you as a person, and is likely to write a believeable, sincere letter on your behalf. It is a good idea to contact the person first, to confirm that they are willing to write on your behalf and able to offer their own judgment. Here is a sample letter:

Dear [name of the person you want a reference from]

This is to ask that you write a personal letter of reference in support of my application for [a job, college admission, whatever you need it for] at [where you are applying].

You may recall that [I worked for you/with you... name the circumstances under which the person will remember you and your work performance. If it was community service or Scouting or tutoring, mention that experience]. I hope that our interaction during that time was sufficient for you to form your own opinion about my attitude and abilities.

Please submit your personal letter of reference to [name and address of where you want the letter sent] by [give a date by which you want the letter sent... give 7-10 days of extra time if possible so if they are a day or two late it doesn't hurt your chances of acceptance].

I really appreciate your help in providing this personal reference letter. Acceptance by [the company or school or ...] is important to my long-term goals.


[your name]

This letter should be typed. It should be professional. There should be no typographical errors whatsoever. Have someone review your letter if you are unsure.

Good luck!
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