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how to get customers to do a survey

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I have a job working for a hotel company. Once a quarter we have to get a few customers who don't reserve rooms to agree to take a 5-7 minute survey about the customer service they just received. We need toget their name and phone no. and then a surveyor will call them back later. I need the best way to state this to get people to be willing to help me get a few positive responses. Any ideas on the easiest way to get people to agree to take a short survey on the service they received? I get people to take these surveys but there must be better techniques than I am using.


Well the best way to do this is to approach these people when they check in, rather than on their way out. After their stay is over, customers will just be eager to get on their way and they would not want to be bothered.

I would explain to them that it would help the hotel (at which they are about to stay) to improve its service if they would agree to take the survey after their stay is over. Making them aware in advance of their stay that the survey will be done, will also help them notice the details of the service given to them during their stay.

It would be great if you were allowed to give them a small incentive, such as a 5% discount or complimentary drinks or something, but I assume you are not budgeted for this. Instead, maybe you could tell them that if they do the survey, they will be placed on a list of preferred or special customers who will be notified by mail or email of any specials that the hotel might feature in the future.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Viki, I am going to accept your answer but want a little clarification before I do. I work at central reservations and not actually at the hotel. I am trying to convince people to a survey after they have spoken to me on the phone and not at the htl. Does you answer still stand. Sorry I wasn't more clear in my question.
So you are trying to get them to sign up for the survey when they make their reservations?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Actually we are trying to get them to do a survey when they DO NOT make a reservation. We get calls from people who are rate shoppers and who don't make a reservation. Sometimes we have their name and phone number from a previous stay on file and sometimes we have to get it from them after they agree to take the survey. What the survey is to find out why rate shoppers didn't book with our htl that day and what we can do that will make them a more satisfied customer in the future.
The 2 ideas you gave me were great but just wanted to see if you had any other different suggestions for this particular phone situation. If you don't
I am satisfied with what you gave me already. Thanks
I would explain to them that the hotel is interested in finding out why they chose not to make a reservation so that the hotel can pinpoint different specials and promotions that might appeal to them more in the future. As a result of giving their input into this survey, it might be possible for your company to have features that better suits their needs when they plan another hotel stay.
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