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One of my friends used to be a professional body

Resolved Question:

One of my friends used to be a professional body builder and he has designed an absolutly excellent diet. I would like to know how he would go about getting it published or somehow marketing it across the nation?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Family Physician replied 10 years ago.
There are a ZILLION diet books and plans. What makes his diet any better or different that any other diet?

Other than being a former body builder - what background in nutrition does he have?

Has he had other people use the diet successfully?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to FamilyPhysician's Post: No, unfortuntly he does not have any other nutrtion background.

He started wrestling in highschool and then later becamea body builder. He does not compete anymore, however, he still is very into diet and excercise.

Yes, he has put others on this diet. By others, I mean friends that he has trained. They were all very succefull.

He has really researched a lot about the body and diets. His diet is based off of his knowledge and expierence.

I know there are so many out there, that is why I am trying to find out ifit is even possible to market a diet succesfully nationwide without being a doctor, well known author, etc.; and if it is possible, how?

What makes his diet better? Well it is a very different approach than others, especially right now. Everyone right now is so concentrated on carbs, however, his is not. I do not know all the specifics however unfortuntly. I do know that with his diet instead of having to buy fat free or carb free, you eat "regular", for lack of better words, food. His whole motto is kind of "It isn't a diet. It is just eating healthy." I am not sure if that helps any.
Expert:  Family Physician replied 10 years ago.
Anybody can write a book - the problem is getting it published.

Without some celebrity power, or some "expertise" - being a physician etc - it would be hard to get a publisher to bite at the diet book.

One method would be to invest in a website - and sell the book initially as a E-book (There is software that allows you to control access without the same risk that it will just get sent from one to another by E-mail)
The other option - AND IT TAKES SOME MONEY - Try selling the diet/book etc via an infomercial.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to FamilyPhysician's Post: The internet is by far the most resonable method I have heard yet. I did not think of that. I am very good with webdesigns and computers so I could defenitly help him with that. However, what I don't understand is once you make a website how to you make it so people will find it. I mean there are a million websites out there.
Expert:  Family Physician replied 10 years ago.
There are methods of doing that. You can advertise in newspapers, internet search engines ("sponsored links"), advertise on website where people are looking for things that may be related, even a highway billboard ("Can't Lose or something like that)

Don't try to be everything to everyone at once - start small and build slowly. He isn't going to be a million seller overnight. It will give him time to work out the kinks as you go along.
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