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Does meth come out of pores and get child high, if touched?

Customer Question

Is it true meth comes out of your pores, and can get your child high if you touch them?

Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  PatrickG replied 10 years ago.


If you touch your child after doing meth (or any illegal drug for that matter), you can definitively infect him, and not only get him "high", but possibly make him sick or even cause death!

This links has some good detail on this topic:

Now - To answer your specific question - Can Methamphetamine come out of your pores, and make others "high"? - The answer is probably not! (Although since Meth is an illegal substance, I don't think detailed studies have been completed to prove or disprove this!).

Here's some information about what does come out of your pores and what effects it can have:

Remember thougth - If you do Meth, or any other drug, there will ALWAYS be trace amounts on you, no matter how much you wash/scrub. - As little as microscoping amounts can still be on your hands, or floating in the air, or on a table, and could potentially get into contact with children in the same area.

Hope this helps!

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