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what are examples of truss in daily life(engineering machanics)

Customer Question

examples of truss
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Pat Kenny replied 10 years ago.
Hi Sara,

What an interesting question you have asked!

The Truss is an engineering structure which is built around triangular segments assembled in a single plane. This structure exhibits reduced deformation under tension or compression in comparison with other structures, and so is especially useful in any application that requires spanning of an extended space. Truss frame construction is also a superior solution in many applications requiring maximum load bearing capacity with minimum structural weight.

Here's an excellent extract from the Encyclopedia Britannica on the subject, provided courtesy of the "A Truss" web-site -
[ ]

As for their everyday occurrence, trusses are incorporated into numerous structures all around us, though we probably rarely notice. Here are just a few examples:

1. Bridges - Arch bridges, suspension bridges, cantilevered bridges. Here is a link to a web site which provides comprehensive information on the subject of truss bridges - [ ].

2. Roofing - Practically all modern domestic housing, both timber and steel, employs trusses to span ceilings and support the roof cladding materials. Here is a link to some detailed information on the use of prefabricated truss frame construction in the housing industry - [ ].

3. Cranes - The cranes employed in urban construction sites almost universally employ steel truss construction. Industrial lifting cranes in hangars, warehouses and factories also often employ truss construction to bridge substantial gaps while maximizing load carrying capacity. Here's a link showing some truss cranes in action - [ ].

4. Hangars - Every large warehouse building or aircraft hanger depends upon the rigidity and length of truss roof construction to span the enormous unsupported ceiling spaces.

5. Towers - The most famous example which comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. There are many other more mundane examples, such as the huge steel towers which carry the high tension electricity transmission cables across the landscapes of many countries around the world.

6. Airframes - The requirement for maximum rigidity and load bearing capacity, combined with the minimum possible weight, dictates the use of truss frame construction in aircraft bodies, and most especially in the wings.

I was surprised myself when I learned just how widespread trusses are in the modern construction industry. I hope this information helps.