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How do I get cash for my old trophies

Customer Question

I have a ton of old trophies and I want to get rid of them for cash. Is there anyway?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Patricia replied 10 years ago.
Hello. Unfortunately, there is not as much of a market for old trophies as one might think. There are a few options you can try but which one might be more or less successful in your particular area is not possible to predict. It also may have a lot to do with what you subject or sport the trophies are for. The main factor in their resale value will be how much information is on them that is personal and how much of that personal information can be removed without damaging the trophy. Since most trophies consist of several parts and are built to the specifications of the purchaser, the first place you should try are your local tropy shops. Many will by tropies that are still in good shape so they can take them apart and use the pieces to make new ones. Another possibility is to find an organization in your area that regularly give out trophies in the same genre as yours. For example if yours have motorcycles on the top and you have some local bike clubs, they may be interested in using them for their poker runs, etc. In other words, try to match a local organization or club to the theme of your tropy. Other than those two, about you only choice is to try to advertise them or sell them in a garage sale. But no matter who you might find to buy them, don't get your hopes too high that they will bring you a lot of money because it's likely. Sorry I can't give you better news than that but I hope my suggestions will be helpful. PJ