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how do i post a $5000.99 bond

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1) What type of bond is this for? Criminal, surety bond?

2) What state would you post this bond?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to AnswerWhiz's Post: This is for the state of Massachusetts. I need to post a $5000.00 bond to start up sercurity, watch business.
Thank you for your reply. I need to ask further follow up question as my research is not turning up with anything useful.

Will your watch business be located at a business site or will you be a "transient vendor", meaning your business will be sort of door to door service or you will be driving to your customers homes etc...

How where you informed about the $5,000.00 bond.

Please answer these questions and I will attempt my search further. Thank you.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to AnswerWhiz's Post: The bond was requested on the state application.
This service will be a at the cliants location.
Okay, thank you for the clarification. The state of Massachusettes requires a surety bond for anyone working as a transient vendor; meaning anyone who is to sell goods by traveling to the customer's location. You will need to post the bond with Massachusettes Department of Revenue. Here is a quote on where to post the bond:

(4) Type of Bond.

(a) A transient vendor that is required to post a bond under this regulation, 830 CMR 62C.66.1, may post with the Commissioner a surety bond, issued by a company authorized to transact business as a surety in Massachusetts, in the amount calculated under 830 CMR 62C.66.1(3), above, or may deposit with the state treasurer negotiable obligations of the United States or the Commonwealth of the same actual value. The surety bond or evidence of obligations deposited with the state treasurer must be directed to:

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Revenue Enforcement Bureau
XXXXXbr /> Cambridge, MA 02142

(b) In order to facilitate the posting of bond on weekends, holidays, or other times when it is difficult either to post bond with the state treasurer or to obtain a surety bond, the Commissioner will, at the option of the transient vendor, accept cash in the amount of the required bond. The Commissioner will give the transient vendor a written receipt for the cash received and will deposit the cash in the transient vendor's name with the state treasurer as soon as is possible.

(c) The bond must be maintained until it is released by the Commissioner, pursuant to 830 CMR 62C.66.1(6), below.


You can read more about the surety requirement and process in full by clicking here.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to AnswerWhiz's Post: I think there was a misunderstanding in the type of business. This not a vending business and will have a permanent office, place of business. However the service provided will be off sight. An example of this would be watch guard, guarding property or personal security or security at someone’s home, place of business or at an event.
The application requests a $5000.00 security bond, properly executed and witnessed. You must submit an original document. How do I go about securing this bond?
Also could you clarify something else for me? General Laws of Massachusetts Title XX Public Safety Chapter 147: Section 24. Applications; qualifications of applicants.
This seems to be written very ambiguously does it meen if you are asking for a license for a watch, guard or patrol agency business you do not have to have been in law enforcement, that only if you are applying for a license for a private detective business you would have had to have been in law enforcement?
Can you clarify this for me?
Thank you
If you need to charge extra for the additional info request let me know and how to make an additional payment to you through Just Answer.
Thank you for your clarification. Typically to secure a bond, you must apply for a surety bond with an insurance company. Unfortunately, my research has not turned up any reliable companies that I can confidently referred you to. I highly suggest you speak with the department that sent you those applications because they usually have a list of vendors that they trust and accept their bonds. I am sorry I have not been helpful with this regard and you are free not to accept my answer. Further let me know if you would like me to opt out so another expert, can assist you with this question.

Regarding your second question:

My understanding of the title you sited is that any applicant applying for a license as a watch, guard, etc... should have been employed in the capacity of a detective (for more than three years) , police officer, or in a rank higher than a patrolman. Therefore, to answer your question, to get the license you must have been in law enforcement in the capacity of detective doing investigative work, police officer, etc...

Let me know how you wish to proceed with regards XXXXX XXXXX above question.

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