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Business connections / how to start a small business

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If you were at a neighborhood party, ____WOULD BE VERY MUCH LIKE NETWORKING            
A. hosting 
B. mingling 
D. interrogating

2. You've joined the American Emu Association and have arrived at its annual conference. You see a man standing off to the side and decide to practice your networking skills on him. What is the best way to make contact? 
A. Hand him your business card and introduce yourself. 
B. Tell him the name of your business and ask for referrals. 
C. Strike up a conversation and tell him something about your 
D. Don't waste his time—just tell him how he can help you.

3. Making a good first impression is vital, since we tend to form an opinion in about 
A. two minutes.     . 
B. ten seconds.

C. thirty seconds                     
D. thirty minutes.

4. Exchange of information, assessment, and collaboration are important stages of making a good business connection. What comes next? 
A. Exchange of business cards      
B. Asking about the person's family 
C.   Finding investors 
D..   Following up with a phone call

5. When choosing to use the products or services of a business, most people place the highest value on 
A. branding.        
B. impressive advertising.

C. extensive research. 
D.   referrals from friends.

6. You've been introduced to Amy at a local Business and Professional Women's meeting. After you've chatted with her for a few minutes, what can you do to find out if she will be a valuable new business contact? 
A.     Ask yourself if Amy is someone you would want for a friend. 
B.     Find out if she's in the same business as you are. 
C.     Use your gut instinct. 
D.     Ask questions about her business and tell her what you need.

7. You've told Dan, a new contact, that you're looking for a qualified sales representative. Now you want to find out if there's any way you can help his business. What's an effective way to approach the question? 
A.     Ask him if he has any challenging problems in his business. 
B.     Hint that you might be willing to help him in return for referrals. 
C.     Give him your business card and tell him to call if he ever needs anything. 
D.     Tell him you've heard his field has some major problems and offer to help.

8. At a busy meeting of the International Sprout Growers, you want to make contact with as many people as possible. Luckily, you remember the eight-minute rule and the importance of 
A. handing out your business cards quickly. 
B. spending only a brief time with each contact. 
C. eliminating contacts within minutes. 
D. keeping your pitch under ten minutes.

9. At the business expo, you've introduced yourself to Andrea, a packaging supplier from your city. The next thing you should do is 
A.     describe your business using three or four lines you've prepared in advance. 
B.     ask for her phone number. 
C.     find out quickly whether she has anything you need. 
D.     ask her for several referrals.

10. Holding your coffee cup in your left hand is a good way to 
A. keep your left hand warm.      
B. make contacts with greater poise. 
C. show your sophistication. 
D. eliminate embarrassing spills.

11. You've just met Jim at a state convention for widget and sprocket manufacturers. Which of the following would be the best topic for conversation? 
A.     Your interesting family history 
B.     Your quick success, even if it's not quite true 
C.     One or two things your business needs 
D.     How you disapprove of the competition

12. You, Joanne, and David have had a very valuable conversation and have exchanged business cards. The next thing you should do is 
A.     make notes about the meeting on the backs of their business cards. 
B.     move on quickly to meet the next person. 
C.     take a moment of silence to regain your composure. 
D.     make a few cell phone calls to offset your nervous energy.

13. You've signed up for an exciting two-day workshop on small business Web design. What can you do in advance that will help you network effectively at the meeting? 
A. Do research on the instructors and panel members so you can talk to them about 
their work. 
B. Make sure your cassette recorder has batteries so you can record the sessions 
and listen to them later. 
C. Talk to your friends about the event, so you're energized when the day arrives. 
D. Study up on the jargon so you'll sound informed.

14. Estelle has 30 years of experience in your field, and has answered your questions, given you advice, and helped you make contacts. She is your 
A. coach.       
B. notary.     

D .   referral.

15. What is the most important thing about meeting new contacts? 
A. Building your Rolodex

B. Forming relationships

C. Getting referrals 
D. Overcoming shyness

16. Joan, a new contact, is describing her business to you. As you listen, what should you be thinking about? 
A.     What you're going to say next 
B.     How soon to move on to the next person 
C.     Whether or not she's likely to send you any referrals 
D.     What kind of help you can offer her

17. You've spoken with Chris at several local meetings. You met again recently and received some important advice. Which of the following is an inappropriate method for staying in touch with Chris? 
A.     Calling once a week to ask for referrals 
B.     Sending a thank-you note after your meeting 
C.     Inviting Chris to a concert 
D.     Sending an article related to Chris's interests

18. A good way of remembering your newest contact's name is to 
A. write it on your hand. 
B. make up a jingle for it. 
C. repeat it at the end of every sentence as you speak to him or her. 
D. repeat it silently in your head.

19. One of the best networking traits you can develop is 
A. fearlessness.       
B. a modest attitude.

C. cheeriness. 
D. the ability to listen.

20. You've arrived at the Pecan Shellers conference—your first networking opportunity. Naturally, you're feeling nervous, but to avoid seeming insecure or uncertain, you've decided to 
A.     square your shoulders before entering the room. 
B.     hold an empowered image of yourself in your mind. 
C.     speak a little louder than you would normally. 
D.     talk on your cell phone as you walk around.

Welcome to Just Answer!

On a lot of these Penn-Foster tests we have the answers. We don't for this one. We had a previous customer post it, and an Expert tried to help them and got a 65% on it. Ouch! Luckily, the customer told us which ones were wrong (Yeah!).

What I've done is put in () the answers that the customer told us were wrong, next to the wrong answer. So we can eliminate those out. I've put down what I think is the best answer of the remaining three.

1. b
2. c
3. c
4. d
5. d
6. d
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. b
11. c
12. a
13. a
14. c
15. b
16. d
17. b
18. d
19. d
20. a

Please let me know if these were of any help to you.


Ryan and 56 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.


#17 is A and #20 is B,,now they are all correct, thanks