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Mary McCartney
Mary McCartney, Internet Researcher
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how do i get bad knots & snarls out of my long hair

Customer Question

I keep my long thick hair in a pony tail. I am a man .I wrench on cars . I have a thick knot or rats nest in my hair how can I remove it without cutting it out?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Mary McCartney replied 10 years ago.
That is going to take someone with the patience to gently comb through the knot. Some of the hair will come out, it depends on how big the knot is and how long you've had it.

I'd start with clean, wet hair. Apply a conditioner, and work it through the knotted area, first with your hands, then a large toothed comb, gradually using finer toothed combs as they are able to pass through the hair.

When you have been able to clear the knot, rewash and condition the hair, and use conditioner on a regular basis. In addition, NEVER use a rubber band to tie back your hair. You can pick up inexpensive elastisized hair bands in any drug store, they aren't noticible and the cloth covering protects you from further knotting and hair breakage.

I hope this helps, if so please ACCEPT the answer.