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how to make home-made snake repellent that really works, but not harmf

Customer Question

lately while mowing the backyard my husband noticed what seem to be a baby snake.we're not fans of these creatures and it does concerns me, because my little ones enjoy the backyard. I had seen a show on hgtv where this gardener had made snake repellent that was safe to use around children.please help if you have a recipe for home-made snake repellent. I don't won't to terrify my little ones,but they are wondering why we no longer enjoy the backyard.truth is I'm terrified of snakes.please help!
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Viki replied 10 years ago.

Most people who make homemade snake repellent, use mothballs (naphthalene). For what it's worth, the government says there is no known snake rellent that works. (however, the EPA has approved "snake-a-way', the only approved commercial product to get rid of snakes; it contains naphthalene as the active ingredient)

I will give you a couple of links that may help. Bear in mind, that the only proof that homemade repellent works is anecdotal evidence. -DNR site -Snake-A-Way info, also sold at Home Depot -discussion forum thread on this topic

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