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Natasha Wallis
Natasha Wallis, Internet Researcher
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Experience:  Run a UK computer security & training business since 1993
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can you fax at the post office if not where can i fax a ...

Customer Question

can you fax at the post office if not where can i fax a document in bolton lancashire.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Natasha Wallis replied 10 years ago.
It is unclear whether you want to send a fax from Bolton ot to a place in Bolton for collection by someone.

UK Post Offices do not accept faxes on behalf of individuals or send them.

If you wish to get a facimile copy to a person in the UK, you could scan your document and send it to them as an attachment that would enable them to print it off at their end?

Most business centres at large hotels will send a fax out for you OR recieve a fax for someone to collect for a small fee.

Alternatively, ask at a solicitors or a local business to see if for a few pence they would do it for you.

Finally "Mailboxes etc. " will do that for you.