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Is someone stealing my important email and allowing junk to go into m

Resolved Question:

Much of my important email in private accounts, Yahoo, Juno, etc is not geting to me. That is people have said they sent messages to me, but I never get them and in fact all I ever get is junk, spam, phisihng email, and not the important replies from busines, frines or any other personal responses. Can it be possible that someone without my passowrds-I cnange them often-is diverting my important email but allowing the junk to my inbox?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.

The only way anyone can intercept your email is if they know your password. As for junk email, spammers do not need to know your password XXXXX send you junk mail - all they need to know is your email address, which they can get from various email addresses lists.

To check if your email is being intercepted send yourself few messages and see if you are able to receive them (try sending them from a different email address).

The way to stop any possible interception is to change your password XXXXX not give it to anyone.

Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to John D.'s Post: Thank you for the answer...I accept it as the answer is entirely appropriate...However, it stillbegs the question of how someone can get your password XXXXX you giving it to them? Perhaps when it is changed the persoan is able to see the change, perhaps, and gain the password XXXXX tha or one of several ways involving a router, etc...
Expert:  John D replied 11 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX order to 'accept' the answer and process the payment you need to click on the green Accept button next to my answer.

As for the question on how can one get your password XXXXX you giving it to them, it could be either that they have secretly installed a keylogger program on your system through a downloaded file or email attachment whereby they can monitor your keystrokes, or they have used what is called brute force attack program which can automatically generate and try millions of password XXXXX it finds the right password.

First you need to check if there is a keylogger program installed on your system, and if found you must remove it. The link below takes you through the process of detection and removal:

Once you have removed any keylogger spyware, make sure you are connected to a secure wireless connection, and login to your email account and change your password XXXXX make sure you use a strong password XXXXX the following characteristics:

  • 8 or more characters long

  • combination of letters and numbers

  • combination uppercase and lowercase.

  • use some special characters such as space ^&%$#<>?., etc.

This would take care of any future attempts to find your new password XXXXX brute force attacks.

When you have done that, the person who had your previous password XXXXX not be able to go to your account again to see the new password.

Hope this helps.

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