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Counted cross stitch

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I have a project that is a counted cross stitch and is a multi page design. It talks about chart placement and cutting the fabric. It states "cut fabric to allow 3 inches each side if design area. Use measurements listed at the top of the floss listiting to determine the design size based on the stitch count of the fabric you will be using." I have never seen this and have no clue please help!!!!!!!!!

The pattern you are working should have a 'finished' size. My recommendation is to take the finished size measurements and add the minimum 3" on each side to accommodate. (In otherwords if the finished product is 8 x 10 you would cut the fabric to be 11 x 13) ....since this is a multipage pattern (usually an even number of pages - 2 or 4?) you will need to work the project in quadrants or halves, depending on the number of pages involved. Hopefully, this makes some sense. For example is 8 x 10 and it's a 2 page project, the first page will be used on half the fabic (4 x 5) so you would start working the project in the center of the 4x5 piece. Also, for me anyway, I find it helpful to just take the instructions and tape them together to make the patern one page -- once it's all together, you can see where the center of the design is and fold the pattern to work it easily. This particular pattern is apparently designed to work on several different thread counts, so you will need to figure the finished design size based on the thread count of the fabric you are working. In instances like this, many times it is just easier to take the pattern to the craft store and let one of the associates help you figure exactly what you need to get the project underway.

Please let me know if I can assist further.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Lori's Post: so okay this makes sense make a working copy and piece it together. It also says "extend arrow found at center top and center left edge of chart to join in center of chart." as with single charts you find the center point is this what this is telling you to do?
So now basically your working a regular counted cross stitch pattern, just with a lot of extra wording. boy do I feel dumb!!!!

EDIT   I see now that your offline I am going to accecpt this because I think it makes sense I hope you can still reply. We are travling and we need to check out of our hotel and I want to start this on the way home we have anXXXXX So I will leave the computer on until the last minute and I thank you very much.
Dont' feel dumb! There is an 'overlap' in the pages. I believe what it is saying is that there are arrows on the overlaps and you need to line those arrows up. In otherwords, there are a few of the same rows on each sheet so that things flow easily from one page to the next and they aren't cut off.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Lori's Post: Just got home. what a long ride. as to your answere thank you so very much.
No problem! Email me a picture of your completed project! It sounds like a long one!
Lori and 13 other General Specialists are ready to help you