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Stop mail from political causes

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Please tell me how to get off these political mailing lists. I always get at least 10 a day, but sometimes over 25. I am desperate to have this mail stopped!!!   I have sent it back to sender, I have written them letters and gone to post office to find out how and that ended up at a dead end journey. I have to go out of town for a month every three months, and someone has to take care of my mail for me. It is just a big inconvenience in my life, so please help me get this taken care of. [email protected]
In the US you can not block anyone from sending you mail unless it is sexually oriented and you find it offensive. You can get restraining orders against individuals but not organizations.

However, there are several ways you can handle it. The best way I have found to stop unwanted mailings is to mark the envelope "DECEASED" and return it. You may also want to get a post office box for important documents e.g. bills, statements and official correspondence. Do not give that address to anyone.   

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Mary McCartney's Post: I have sent all these back before with "return to sender." That didn't work, so I doubt if "Deceased" would work, either
To reduce the overall amount of the bulk mail you receive, you can register with the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service. Although, truthfully this will probably not have much of an effect on noncommercial bulk mail.

It may be beneficial for you to contact the national, state and local offices of the political parties and/or organizations involved to see if they have any procedure for opting out of mailings.

Strictly with regard to the need to have someone handle your mail while you are away -- an alternative is to have the Postal Service either hold your mail while you go on vacation or forward your mail to a temporary location. Review these and other options for receiving mail here.

Click above Link(s) (if any) for additional information.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport's Post: been there, done that


The problem with your effort is, that there are so many sources from which the political parties can get your names. You can add to this that while you can register with direct marketing "Do Not Call" and Do Not Mail lists and such, the laws governing these sources very neatly exempted public office from solicitations for funds. This has resulted in political parities and causes being one of the largest direct mail marketers in the nation.

In a moment, I am going to refer you to a web site that lists every agency that sells your name and address to direct marketers, including some used by political parties.

First, I noticed that you dismissed out of hand, the suggestion to mark "DECEASED" on your mail and return it. This was actual a very good ploy for several reasons.

  1. When you mark mail as return to sender or no such address, the marketeer, political or otherwise, simply updates their address data base, and you get a new mailing on the next cycle.
  2. When you mark mail as Deceased, your name gets eliminated. Yes, you may have your name cycled back around in a year or so when they buy a new list, but for the moment, for 6 months or more, more political junk mail. This is plenty of time to do your other things.

The other problem with trying to use the post office to eliminate your junk mail, is the post office it self sells your name and address to political organizations, and shares its "Change of Address" system with government agencies and official semi-government and public offices like: (a) the IRS, (b) the national headquarters for the Republican Party, (c) The social Security administration, etc.

So your next attach needs to be to change your address by purchasing a mail boxes are us box or a regular U.S. Postal box, and do not use a change of address card.

You can write the agency that handles the postal service's change of address system to ask them to remove your name from the list.

Your Drivers licenses today, are used for voter registration in many states. As you update your driver's license, you are asked to register to vote. Both the voter registration card gives all registered political parties access to your address and contact information. In addition, the DMV sells your address and contact information to third party vendors.

the only solution for these political organizations, is to call them individually and ask them to take you off the list, followed up with a post card with the same information. If you request it, they have to comply.

You need to write a letter to the DMV in order to have them stop providing your contact information to third parties.

NOTE: recent fair credit reporting and consumer protection laws, limit which contact information can be given, but your name, address, and phone number are still fair game.

The sources I have just mentioned are the chief source for political parties and causes to get your name and contact information. Unlike the do not call list, there is no National Do not Mail list.

If you have a magazine on hunting Gard out doors, you may get a political mailing from the Green Peace organization, or Save the Animals, etc. The only way you can attach the political causes is to also contact the magazines you subscribe to, and make sure you revoke the right for them to include you name on lists sold to third parties.

Like wise on the INTERNET. You need to make sure you block the emails, but wait until you have respond to at least one of each organizations email, where it says, remove me from the list.

Here is the site for dealing with all th organizations who sell your name. This will take you some time, but it will be worth it.

In the future, you need to make sure you do not use change of address cards, and with each and every enrollment, driver's license renewal, bank loan, etc, make sure you do not give permission to sell your contact information.

I would also like for you to take a look at this web site:

You can file a complaint for everyone that sends you junk mail after you have requested that they stop.

This is not going to be easy, it is a battle. But you can win it.

Remember, a war is not won on one front or Battle, it is won by the accumulation of wins on all fronts.

Make sure you contact all the agencies in the list on the web site I gave you.

Make sure you contact all the agencies who are sending you junk mail. (A postal card will do).

Mark deceased on all your junk mail and return it.

Ed Johnson, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 10760
Experience: Master's Degree candidate waiting on research paper; BS Uni S. Colorado, summa cum laude; AA Degree
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