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help needed please thanks

Resolved Question:

1.which of the following is equal to 4 kilograms?
a.4,00cg c.4,000mg
b.40g    d.4,000g
2.what is the sum of 6 feet 10 inches and 8 feet 9 inches?
a. 14 ft. 7 in.   c.13 ft. 19in.
b.15 ft. 7 in.    d.15 ft. 19 in.
3.what is the elapsed time between 3:40 am and 2:00pm?
a.8 hr 20 min c.10hr 20min
b.11hr   d.1hr 40 min many yards are in 5miles?
a.8,800 yd   c.1,760yd
b.5,280yd   d.26,400yd
5.a merchant bought 30 dozen pairs of glove.How many individual gloves did the merchant buy?
a.360   c.420
b.720   d.300
6.if a thermometer indicates 40 degrees celsius, what is the temperature in degress fahrenheit?
a.22 F    c.72 F
b.54 F   d.104 F
7.the gross weight of a package and its contents is 11 pounds 5 ounces. if the packaging weighs 1 pound 15 ounce, what is the net weight of the contents?
a.10lb. 5oz    c.9lb 6oz
b.12lb 20oz   d.10lb 6oz
8.what is the volume of a block of ice measuring 3 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and 2 meters high?
a.12 cu. m     c.6 cu. m
b.9 cu. m    d.900 cu. m
9.8 gallons equals how many pints?
a.32 pt   c.64 pt
b.2 pt    d.128 pt
10.the smiths took out a 30 yr mortgage. how many monthly payments will they have to make on this mortgage?
a.12 c. 120
b.36 d.360
11.20,000 pounds equals how many english tons?
a.10,000 tons   c.2,000 tons
b.10 tons   d.1 ton
12.$14.36 + $35.72 +$32.05=?
a.$82.13   c.$81.13
b.$72.13   d.$81.03
13.if military tie is 0145, what tie is it on a regular clock?
a.12:45am   c.1:45am
b.12:45pm   d. 1:45pm
14.41 F equals how many degrees celsius?
a.56 C   c.9 C
b.5 C   d.-5 C
15.what would you have to do to change 10 cubic feet into cubic inches?
a.multiply by 1,728   c.multiply by 46,656
b.divide by 1,728    d. divide 46,656
16.if john ran 5-kilometer marathon, how long was that in meters?
a.50m   c.1000m
b.500m   d.5,000m many cubic feet are in 3 cubic yards?
a.27 cu. ft   c.81 cu. ft
b.9 cu ft    d.5,184 cu ft
18.if a chickenfar sold 3,000 dozen eggs last week, how many individual eggs were sold?
a.3,600    c. 250
b.36,000   d.3,000
19.firewood is often sold by the cord. a cord of wood is bundle measuring 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 fee. what is the volume of a cord of wood in cubic feet?
a.4.74 cu ft    c.64 cu ft
b.128 cu ft   d.3,456 cu ft
20.walt is mixing fruit punch for a party. he combines 1 gallon 2 quarts 3pints of orange juice, 1gallon 3 quarts 7 pints of pineapple juice, and 1 gallon 3 quarts 3 pints of ginger al. what is the total liquid measure of the punch ?
a.6 gal. 2 qt. 2 pt.    c. 6 gal. 3 qt. 1 pt.
b.5 gal. 3 qt. 1pt.    d.6 gal. 2qt. 1 pt.

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: General
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Hope this helps.

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