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Need small loan/own my home outright

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I own a home,,it's paid for,,worth approx,,#150,000,,,built in 98,,3bed 2 bath. I want a small homeimprovement loan. ($8,000) ,,My credit not great,,,FICO 631--577--654 that's all 3 major ones. Just old bills that are paid,,but have to wait the 7 years for them to go away.
I am 54,,,and now back in college! I am not working at present,,but will go back part time in Sept. I am a LPN,,(nurse),,,I get approx $6,000 each sememter financial aid,,plus part time work. Also mydaughter lives downstairs and pays me $400/month. I really have no bills except utilities.
Where on earth can I get a small loan to fix up some things in the house,,nobody will do because I'm not working right at this moment. Is there any place that uses your home equity,,and doesn't worry about "my job"? I figure it's in their favor,,the house is put up for corrateral.
Any Ideas?
You can get a loan with no job or credit but the rates wil be very high. You can also look in the advertisement section in your local news paper and greensheet for no credit, no job loans.

I hope these sites help
this is a loan shopper
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