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How do I open a 3 dial combination lock that I set ...

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How do I open a 3 dial combination lock that I set incorrectly? It is a Prestolock TSA SearchAlert. I thought I followed the directions and when I went to check it it wouldn't open! I leave on a trip in 2 days and would like to use this lock and not have to purchase another one!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
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Can I do anything to reset the 3 dial combination lock from a locked positon?

Unless you saved the sequence somewhere there is no way to open it. You would have had to write it down somewhere. It does appear however that it can be reset if you haven't actually gone through the correct sequence yet to fully unlock it. Here's the link to the company website:

Note what it says on the bottom of the page:

Please make sure to remember your combination!
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