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sharon frost
sharon frost, minister
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why do people ask too many questions

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i want to know why there are certain people that ask too many questions??? They ask and ask and ask and they wont stop it becomes annoying...
Some people are nosy -- some are inquisitive, to a fault -- some are
slower and need to have as much information as possible to get the

Some are just annoying and find ways to ignore. :)

all in the pursuit of knowledge. people ask questions to know something about what they dont know, like yourself with this question. it is in different reasons why folks seem to ask them, like curiosity, being nosey, to learn something, etc. one would have to assess the question first before answering it....if its you want a person to know some things about yourself or not. if its something thats harmless, feel free to give an answer. if its just too private to say, just politely say "that's personal, i'd rather not answer". if its an inquisitive child, depending on the nature of the question once more, answer it....children look to us adults for the answers. if its an annoying person, what works for me is to repeat the last few words back to THEM in a form of a question. after a couple times being left in their laps to do the answering, they stop asking. some are not as smart as others doing this, and may take more times. they are the ones who get annoyed, not you.
hope this helps you, good luck.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to sharon frost's Post: it kinda helped but let me be more specific... i have a cousin and she's really nosey anything i tell her she wants to know who?what?where?when?and why? all the time!!! she asks question after question after question for example if i tell her i'm gonna go to the store she wants to know when? and why? and for what? and then one day i got a letter from my boyfriend's aunt and she saw it and she wanted to know who sent it! and what it was! when i hadn't even opened it yet! i was just wondering if something was missing in her life...or is she lonely or just why do people have to be so nosey... thanks
it sounds like this gal needs a hobby or find something to do. she seems as if her life has no content, or that she is out of the social loop. does she stay home alot, have many friends, or a job? maybe you can introduce her to some people, have her become active in a church, or take up volunteer work....anything to give her something to do, and find interesting topics to talk about besides your bussiness. there are alot of groups to become involved in, check your local paper for clubs and groups that she might fit into with. she needs to find something to occupy her mind, and keep he busy.
hope this helps.
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to sharon frost's Post: see the thing is that i already tried introducing her to another cousin that she didn't know and she acted weird with her she didn't even have a conversationg with her she was quiet. too quiet. and she doesn't have friends either. and she does stay home a lot... but could it be that she got married young she's only 19 and her husband is 28 and they have a 2 year old daughter almost 3 and supposedly her she's been with him since she was 12 years old. thanks sharon you've been a lot of help.
since she was 12....THAT answers your question...she didnt have a chance to experience things. that is the age where we explore the things around us, try out stuff....find out alittle who we are. and if she was involved with a guy,(which in my opinion was way too young to think about such things), then she missed out on the things that little girls do growing up. i would suggest counseling. if she was 12, and that made him 21....i would have had a big problem with that if i were her mother. he was WAT too old for her. it very well could be that she is trying to find out stuff now that she was suppressed to ask about then.
im sorry she has to go thru this. i think counseling is her best bet.
good luck to you both, my prayers are with her.
sharon frost, minister
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 29
Experience: life's experiences
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