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Can anyone find a connection between Jacob Horowitz of

Customer Question

Can anyone find a connection between Jacob Horowitz of Przemysl who died 4/22/20 ,whose parents were Moszes Majer Horowitz and Dobra Muhlstein and any of the famous Horowitz Hasids? My family always believe Jacob was ostracized for being too modern, but he died the day his son,my father Jacob Horowitz was born and I have never found any Horowitz relativesi
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  matt50025002 replied 4 months ago.

A great website to get the information you need, is This website is the largest by far for all historical records the web. There is a subscription fee for this service, this is the reason, I cant look it up for you. I would try out the website, you will surprised what you find, hope this helps, thanks.