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A. Schuyler
A. Schuyler, Genealogist
Category: Genealogy
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Trying to find information on Leo Walter Butzmuhlen born 8

Customer Question

Trying to find information on Leo Walter Butzmuhlen born 8 july 1890 in solingen, Rhineland, Germany - married to Gertrud Geborer (Butzmuhlen). They had a daughter, Hildegard Butzmuhlen born 1 feb 1920 in Solingen Germany.
Would like to know who his parents where, any other children born, any information at all or the best place to search for it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  A. Schuyler replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I'll check the available records and see what I can find for you. Schuyler~
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think Gertruds maiden name was Ullmann?
Their Daughter, Hildagard Butzmuhlen immigrated to Greta, NSW australia in 1951.
Expert:  A. Schuyler replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the additional information. There would not be any information about Hildegard at all, since no birth records are released until 100 years after the birth, which would be 2020 for Hildegard. So far I am finding no information of any Butzmuhlen (with or without umlauts) born anywhere in Germany, Prussia, Poland, Austria or the Netherlands in 1890. I'll check for Gertrud. Best regards, Schuyler~
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thats okay(regarding phone call). thanks. My dad and I are planning a trip to Germany in July to do some family research so hopefully we can come up with more then. He does have the Birth certificate for his monther, Hildegard, the daughter of Gertrud and Leo Walter. Just would love to find out more information about their family.
How about - Edward Ratajczek (maybe Ratajczak) - he had 10 siblings apparently. This is my father's father. He was born 12/4/1922 in Sehmsdorf, Schleswig-Holstien germany. We have no details for his parents or family at all.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Edward Ratajczek immigrated to Greta NSW in 1951 with his wife Hildegard Butzmuhlen. they had two children at the time, My father, Oliver Olaff Ratajczek (2yrs) and his Sister Janine (4-5yrs).
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
this is information my Cousin Martine (Janine's Daughter) posted trying to find out about the paternal side of the family -Hello I am searching for any family history for Eduard Ratajczek born the 12 April 1922 in Sehmsdorf. We believe he is of Polish ancestry coming from a family of possibly 10 to 11 siblings. His occupation states that he was an analytical chemist. He married Hildegard Buetzmuehlen (PARENTS ARE WALTER BUETZMUEHLEN AND GERTRUD MAIDEN NAME ULLMANN) in 1946 and had two children in SOLINGEN JANINA AND OLAF. They were in a displaced camp and came to Australia in 1951 were they lived at Greta Camp. They had two more children Edward and Bud. He deserted the family shortly afterwards never to be seen again by his family. I found that he died in Perth Western Australia in 1981.I am now at a standstill with my research and would appreciate any information. The spelling of Ratajczek could possibly be Ratajczak. Again any information on my grandfather would be greatly appreciated.
Expert:  A. Schuyler replied 1 year ago.
Hello again, There is no available information on Gertrud Ullmann, or of her marriage to Leo Walter Butzmuhlen, and naturally nothing on the birth of Hildegard since it occurred after 1916. There is nothing available to the general public from Germany (and many other countries) until 100 to 110 years after the birth of a person, and usually 50 years after their death. However, any descendant can get a copy of birth, marriage, or death records. If you know where the event occurred, and when, you can write to the Civil Registry Office (Standesamt) in that city and request a copy. The fee is generally very low compared with what many countries charge (usually less than about $15). Since you know that Leo Walter Butzmuhlen was born 08 July 1890 in Solingen, Rhineland, Germany, you would write to:Standesamt Solingen  Haus Kirschheide Neuenhofer Str.(###) ###-####olingen, GermanyPhone:+49(###) ###-####I've included a phone number that you can try, although not every Standesamt has someone who can speak English. For Edward Ratajczek 04 December 1922 in Sehmsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein Germany you would write to:Standesamt Bad OldesloeHagenstraße 17/1823843Bad OldesloeGermanyTel.: 04531 - 504-330 Sehmsdorf is too small to have its own Standesamt. Records are kept in the Kreis (county) level of Bad Oldesloe. I'm sorry there is nothing in any of the extensive databases I subscribe to, bt that sometimes happens with genealogy. Some records didn't make it through the bombing and fires in World War II. Others have never been transcribed and made available to subscribers. Best regards, Schuyler~