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Looking for the marriage of Batholomew Shea and Margaret Delohery

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Looking for the marriage of Batholomew Shea and Margaret Delohery at Ennis, Ireland, December10, 1855 or 1853. Bartholomew's father was James Shea and his mother was Mary (Lillis) Shea. Bartholomew and Margaret came over to Australia, May 19, 1855 on the Matoaka.



Shirley :

Hello Diane, I am already familiar with your family, I will be doing the research on your question. Thank you, Shirley


I found out that Timothy Shea married Mary Connor and had a son, John, born 1781, Tralee, Kerry. am I still on the right track? Is it possible to go back further and find the coat of arms or crest?

Shirley and other Genealogy Specialists are ready to help you

Hello Diane,

I have discovered why we have not been able to locate a record of Bartholomew's and Margaret's marriage; they were married on the Matoaka. I located a transcript and saw a copy of Bartholomew's passenger list and it is practically unreadable. After locating Margaret in the transcript of New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896, I took a chance and looked at a copy of the record. In the bottom left hand corner is a note that reads, "I certify that Bartholomew and Margaret Delohery were married according to the rites and ceremonies of the Catholic Church."

The signatures are hard to make out - D Kenney and P. P. Ennis - maybe, but the
date is December 10th 1855.


I cannot tell you if you are "still on the right track" because I do not know how Timothy Shea and Mary Connor fit into this family. I have never put much emphasis on finding a family crest or a coat of arms. You will find information about each at the following web addresses. However, if that is your goal, I wish you luck in locating one.


Coat of arms

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"A coat of arms is a unique heraldic design on an escutcheon (i.e. shield), surcoat, or tabard. The design is a symbol unique to an individual person or family (except in the UK), corporation, or state."

Crest (heraldry)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


"There is a widespread misconception, due in part to Victorian stationers' marketing of engraved letterheads, that a crest and a coat of arms belong to everyone with the same family name; but usage by persons not descended from the original grantee constitutes usurpation. Bogus "family crests" continue to be sold to the misinformed by heraldic "bucket shops".

Thank you,


Hello Diane,

I am just following up with you to see how your research is going. I hope my answer was helpful.

Thank you,