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I am searching for my Great Grandfathers parents names. I

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I am searching for my Great Grandfather's parent's names. I know they came from Alsace, France in 1844 when Samuel was eight years old and lived on a farm at Palos, Cook County Illinois, Great Grandfather's name was Samuel Windenberg. I even had seen a picture of his headstone- but can get nowhere with finding our his parent's names. Where do I find that information?


Welcome to our site and thanks for your question. My name isXXXXX and I will do whatever I can to try to help you.


Can you fill in some more details on Samuel so I can get a clearer picture of what went on and when?


You mention that they settled in Cook Co., IL. Was that where they came immediately after arriving in the US in 1844? I did not find him or his siblings in Illinois in the 1850 census.


He married Almira Burroughs in 1863 at Halos. Where is Halos? in what state and county?


In the 1860 census for Palos, Cook Co., IL, he is living with the John Lahmond family who were also from France. It has Samuel (could be Wurtenberger or Windenberger) age 24 born France along with his brother Louis (age 21) and sister Louisa (age 16).


Do you know what religion they were?



Looking forward to researching for information on your family,





Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The information I supplied is what I obtained from a copy of his obituary. I am not certain if he came straight away from France to Palos and married Almira Burroughs 25 Mar 1863 "at Halos- but rethinking that - it may be a typo and it should have read "Palos".

It also indicates that "Two years later on March 17,1863, they came to Iowa, settling on a farm at Ward's Corners, now Lamont, becoming pioneers of this new country. Seven children were born to them, of whom two have passed away. They are Louis J who died at the age of thirty years on 1 Dec 1894 and Mary E, who departed this life at the age of sixteen years on 16 May 1885. Those remain to mourn are Stephen C of Lamont Iowa, Delmore E of Owego NY, Edward J of Delhi Iowa, Mrs Carrie E Stevenson of QUamby Minn and Harry B of Dorset Minn ( my own grandfather), his wife Almira (Burroughs) having passed away 20 Oct 1913." He was buried beside Almira in Campton Cemetery in Lamont.


I believe he was Episcopalian . I have no idea what port of entry they entered the US from. The obit only mentioned that" he came to this country "At the age of eight years he came to America with his parents and located on a farm at Palos Cook County Ill." I have no information as to any possible siblings.

Don't know if helpful or not,but his wife Almira was born 28 Sept 1844 in Palos Co, Illinois. and died 20 Oct 1913. Her parents were Daniel G Webster (1787-1856) Dutchess, New York, and Phoebe Betts (17 June 1820-15 July 1874) from Memphis, Onondaga, NY.

Hi again,


Thanks for the additional information. I'll continue to work on this through the weekend. It may be that the family settled elsewhere before coming to Cook Co., IL since they weren't in the 1850 census.


Passenger records are not complete, many having been destroyed in the course of making room for new passenger records - sort of like periodically cleaning out your pantry shelves. Of those that do still exist, most have never been transcribed and made available digitally. Finding the ship that a family arrived on is truly a grand stroke of luck prior to the 1900s.


Keep your fingers crossed and I will get back in touch with the first of the week.


Kind regards,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

New message sent to you on


XXXXX XXXXX Wintenberg,



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Subject: RE: Gr Grandfather Samuel

I believe his parents were Francois Joseph Windenberger and Odile Egerman. Not all sources have the same spelling for the surnames - sometimes it is Wintenberger or Egermann. I think this is the immigration record - it is in the Ancestry database. It shows Joseph and Otilia Windenberger coming to America from France with their children Xavier (I think this is Samuel), Louis and Louise.

Aavias Windenberger
Arrival Date: 30 Aug 1844
Birth Date: abt 1837
Birth Location: France
Age: 7
Port of Departure: Le Havre, France
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: St Nicolas







This came in from Ancestry- must be from a cousin I am unaware of...I am not so certain that "Xavier (I think this is Samuel)". though...



Yes, I had seen that family file on


I think it is interesting that the children of Joseph and Otilia Windenberger are Xavier (possibly Samuel), Louis and Louisa since the 1860 census for Palos, Cook Co., IL, and we also find Samuel and Louis and Louisa living with the John Lahmond family who were also from France. It has Samuel (could be Wurtenberger or Windenberger) age 24 born France along with his brother Louis (age 21) and sister Louisa (age 16). That is a lot of coincidence.


Omigosh, something else just struck me. Here is the census listing for 1860 in Palos:


John Lahmond 53 M (b abt 1807) b France

Otillia Lahmond 56 F (b abt 1804) b France

Samuel Windenberger 24 M (b abt 1836) b France

Louis Windenberger 21 M (b abt 1839) b France

Louisa Windenberger 16 F (b abt 1844) b France


I wonder if Ottilia Lahmond was the widow of Joseph Windenberger and that is why the Windenberger children are living with them. If that is the case, there should be a record of the marriage, possibly in Illinois.


There is also the possibility that this is Joseph Windenberger's brother Xavier, and that would make his parents Sebastien and Margarethe [nee Roth] Windenberger.

Name:Francois Xavier Windenberger
Christening Date:
Christening Place:
Birth Date:05 Jul 1812
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name:Sebastien Windenberger
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name:Marguerithe Roth
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Paternal Grandfather's Name:
Paternal Grandmother's Name:
Maternal Grandfather's Name:
Maternal Grandmother's Name:Barbe Kientzel
Indexing Project (Batch) Number:M82777-6
System Origin:World Miscellaneous-ODM
GS Film number:717103
Reference ID:

Herbsheim is in Alsace.


However,as much as we may want to speculate (and I do windenbergerthink Joseph and Otilia are probably the correct parents), the point is that without a death record for Joseph and Otilia, there is no way to really prove that it is the correct couple. I've found no record online of the death of either of them anywhere in the US. Since the children landed in Palos, IL, that is where I would look for a death record for their parents. One or the other of them may also have been a will.


Naturalization records for the brother Lewis/Louis are dated 28 April 1886 in Independence, Buchnan Co., IA. They state he was born 03 Jan 1839 in Strassbourg. The last name is XXXXX XXXXX


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good Afternoon,

I just got to thinking- wouldn't this lady "Otilia Windenberg"have a record of marriage- that should surely indicate her previous surname- and that would clear that up once and for all?


Hi, there,


Having the marriage records for both of Otilia's marriages would indeed solve the mystery. I'm sure there was a marriage record for both Otilia and John Lahmond, and for Otilia and Joseph Windenberg. However, neither is available online. You would need to check in person in Illinois for the Lahmond/Lamond/Lamont marriage (online reocrds go back only to 1872) and in Alsace for her marriage to Joseph Windenberg.


In France marriages are filed in the district where the marriage occurred. One has first of all to know the date/year of the marriage and then they can check the records of all marriages in that area (commune/arrondissement) for that year. There is no way to retrieve them by surname. I've already checked all online records with every imaginable spelling of both their surnames and there is nothing available.


Best regards,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ahhh- ok- this was the sort of a brick wall I was afraid of...I would have no way of knowing the marital dates as any information that might have been in , say a family Bible, were destroyed in a fire after my paternal grandfather harry Windenburg moved the family from Minnesota to Florida back in 1938. There was a old wooden trunk with the family name carved on it- had lots of pictures and other mementos I was told.

Well thank you for that added information- and hey- you never know, maybe the TV program "Who Do You Think You Are" would someday work on we common folk- and they would pick never know.


Hi there,


I hope you will be picked for the show!


Another avenue might be to try the naturalization papers of Samuel's brother Lewis Windenberg/Windenburgh (see above for citation). They should list his parents' names as well as the maiden name of his mother Otilia/Odile.


Good luck!




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you- I will try that next time I am working on this. Thank you for that possible lead option...have a great day...


You're so very welcome! I hope you will fine them easily from Lewis' naturalization papers or from the marriage record of Otilia/Odile in Illinois.


Good luck!



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