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Lino Louis Francisco Gattorna is said to have been born in

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Lino Louis Francisco Gattorna is said to have been born in Altona, Hamburg, in 1870. Who were his parents, and where did they come from?
He later lived in Breslau, and departed for Australia in 1890.
Let me see what I can find out for you. Can you give me a little more information? I'm hoping you can tell me where in Australia he lived/landed? That may help me get to info for Germany, strangely enough.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Lino Louis Francisco Gattorna [ otherwise known as Lion Francis Gattorna] landed in Adelaide about 1990 and settled in BroXXXXX XXXXX. He lived there for 15 years, before going south to live in Adelaide.


I thought he originally came from the village of Gattorna, near Genoa in Italy, but he was definitely born in Altona, Hamburg, Germany, in 1870. I suspect his parent came from Gattorna, Italy, and may have been living/working in Germany when he was born.


Before leaving for Australia in 1890, he lived in Breslau, Germany, which is now part of Poland following WW2.

Lio had a sister, Celestina Benede Gattorna, who married a Gatti, and moved to Perth, Western Australia before Lino left for Adelaid.

Hope that helps.

John Gattorna


I'm not finding much, as I'm guessing won't be much of a surprise. But I would like to try some additional leads before stopping. However, I do have some questions about some of your info and if you can clarify that would be great.

So I have found death notices in for both Lino Gattorna (1916) and Celestina (Gattorna) Gatti (1926). I had hoped there would be some clues in these as to parentage. Lino's does state the obvious, that he was born to Italian parents. But that's as much info as I can see on there. The Western Australia index listing for Celestina's death in Norseman does not list any parents, but you can request a copy of her death certificate if you have not already done so. On the South Australia index for Lino's death, there are no details either, but again, if you haven't requested that you probably should get a copy.

The date you listed for Lino's birth is indeed consistent with his age at death (sad to see he died so least for today's standards). Celestina's birth would have been around 1864 based on her age at death. I used these two ages to see if there were other family trees online that might have some possibilities of parentage, and this is where I ran into my question.

There is a tree on which has a Gattorno family in Prussia (at the time), in which the siblings are Lino (b. 1882), Carlo (b 1883) and Celestina (b. 1887). Although they share the family surname and there is a Lino and a Celestina, this is clearly not the right family, as your family would have been adults by that time. But is it possible that there is some confusion the info you have on your Lino's birthplace and this other one?

The other pieces that seem to compound this is that on the Hamburg passenger list in 1890 for the ship Elberfeld (Hamburg to Australia), Lino Gattorna is listed and he places his residence as Genoa, Italy. He is also listed right before a Cesaro Gatti, also from Genoa. I cannot find a record for Celestina and Luigi emigrating, but it appears that they would have been married and had their eldest son Valentine before emigrating. The info on his birth that I have seen in one tree is Genoa.

I'm just wanting a bit of clarity about how you know Lino was born in Prussia (although with the info I've just laid out, it's actually quite possible that he was born in Prussia while they were visiting family)? Also, have you ever chased down the info on this cousin line before (Celestina and Luigi's children) and found out what that part of the family has in terms of stories/info.

Sorry it's not been clear cut, but this certainly seems like a bit of a wandering family. And quite a successful one as well. I am still hopeful that I can find additional info somewhere, but just want this clarified a bit.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for that.

I know about Lino's place of birth ( in Germany) from his signed Naturalization Certificate in Adelaide in 1912. He definitely says he is a German citizen at that time.

And I agree, I saw the Elberfeld passenger list, and saw him listing Genoa as his birthplace and that he was Italian- very confusing.


If you can't make any progress on that line, perhaps you can help me find out more about our lost part of Giovanni Gattorna's family. he was the only surviving son of Lino who emigrated.


Giovanni (Jack or John as he was known), had 3 children.

My father, Lino Francis Gattorna, b. 29.09.16, Adelaide;

John Troy Gattorna, b.22/01/1920, Adelaide; and

Mary Emelie Gattorna, b. 13 Jan 1922, Adelaide.


Mary married a John Denison Hislop (1944 or '45), probably in the US. he was a US serviceman, and took Mary back to the US, Connecticut to be exact, and we never caught up. They had 4 children:


John Denison Hislop, the husband, was b. 09/12/1920, and d. 20/01/1992.


I am trying to make contact with their children, who are my first cousins. They were:


John Denison Hislop Jr, b. 27/05/1953;

A twin sister, Janet Emelie Hislop, b. 27/05 /1953, East Lyme Connecticut; she married 30/09/1995 John E Hogan, Old Lyme, New London, CT.

Robert xxxx Hislop, b. 1 /07/1947;

Vivian Grace Hislop, b. 28/05/1950; she married a xxxx Baker by name, and they had 3 children:

Monica xxx baker, b.?

Aiden xxx Baker, b. ??

Edward xxx Baker, b.??


As you can see, the US family did not move very far from Connecticut, so perhaps you can fill in some gaps for me.

I have no contact addresses!!

With thanks,


I'll definitely see what I can find.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


It looks like Vivian Grace Hislop BAKER, b. 28 May, 1950 in the USA, died 20 Nov 2002, and is buried at Moosup, Wyndham County, Connecticut.

I would really like to get in touch with her 3 surviving children if possible, eg.

Monica xxx BAKER



Pls see what you can find. They will probably still be living in Connecticut.




This part is much easier:

John Hislop, Jr. XXXXX
East Lyme, CT 06333

Janet Hislop Hogan XXXXX
Naples, FL 34114
Phone: not listed

Robert Hislop
562 Old Colchester Rd
Uncasville, CT 06382

Unfortunately, I did not have the same kind of success with the Bakers. I tried searching XXXXX XXXXX, but found no info and the others, without knowing how old they are or what town to look in, there's just too many results. Hopefully, the family above could have more info on them.

I'm sorry I couldn't find more info on your ancestors in Italy. I recommend patience. So much is going online that you just have to keep searching.

If you have any questions on the info I've provided, please feel free to let me know.
HistoryGeek and other Genealogy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I managed to make contact with Robert Hislop by phone in the US, and have since written to him. He does not have an email.

Reverting back to my original question above, Lino Louis Francisco Gattorna had a sister, Celeste ( or Celestia), who emigrated to Western Australia before Lino came, probably around 1886 or '87? Indeed, I am told she encouraged him to emigrate.

Celeste married a Gatti, and they had 12 children. You said above that you had a death certificate for her, dated 1926. Could you pls send me that.


If you could trace back from Celeste we can hopefully find out who her parents were [ and therefore Lino's], and where she and Lino came from exactly. You might also be able to get the name of the ship she emigrated on.

Over to you.




I'm working on another question this evening, but will try to check on this tomorrow. I didn't actually have the physical death certificate, but had found the indexing of the record online. Still, I'll retrace my steps and see what else I can find.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you.

Her name was actually Celestina Gatti (nee Gattorna.

She died on 17 May 1926 I think.

Her famil wrote a book as follows:

'A family called gatti: tracing the lives of Luigi and Celestina and their descendants in Australia',

by Murray Gatti and Sophia Gatti, Albany, W.W., 1999.

I would like to know where I could get hold of a copy as it would answer many mysteries I am sure.

Over to you with thanks.


Thanks for the refresher...I'll definitely get back to you on this.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How are you going on my research questions?



So you can get a copy of the death record for Celestine Gatti at the link below. She died in 1926 in registration district Dundas and the registration number was 4. Here's the link for ordering a copy of that:

The National Library of Australia appears to have 2 copies of this. You can request a copy be made of it or to request it through interlibrary loan. Here is the catalogue citation for it with the NLA:

I hope these things help. Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this.