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Shirley, Genealogy Consultant
Category: Genealogy
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Dear XXXXX . I am getting very frustrated as I can not get

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Dear XXXXX .
I am getting very frustrated as I can not get your answer from my first question
Do you want more information? If so what do you want to know ?
Yours D. Russell

genealogyhelper :

Hello Dorothy, I apologize for your frustration. I am working on your question now and should have an answer shortly. Thank you for you patience. Shirley

Hello Dorothy,


I have located several possible children for Walter and Eleanor. They all have the surname Barton and their mother's maiden name isXXXXX information is from an index and the records do not contain much information. However, all evidence or the lack of any evidence is useful. You will definitely need to follow up on these.


Royston S. Barton born 1927 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Edith M. Barton born 1922 in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Marjorie Barton born 1927 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumberland.

Doris Barton born 1925 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumberland.

Edith Barton born 1923 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmoreland.

Isabella Barton born 1922 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumberland.

Thomas Barton born 1920 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cumberland.

James A. Barton born 1931 in South Shields, Durham.

Joyce C Barton born 1916 in Lambeth, Greater London.

Derek L Barton born 1930 in Thanet, Surrey, Kent.

Dennis R G Barton born 1923 in Thanet, Kent.

Kathleen M Barton born 1919 in Bromley, Surrey, Kent.

Sidney C Barton born 1918 in Wycombe, Oxfordshire.

Violeta A Barton born 1920 in Wycombe, Oxfordshire.

Pauline D M Barton born 1930 in Wycombe, Oxfordshire.

Doreen V Barton born 1924 in King's N, Warwickshire.

Betty L Barton born 1920 in Kings N, Warwickshire.

Isabel M Barton born 1929 in Birmingham S, Warwickshire

George W Barton born 1923 in Wortley, Yorkshire West Riding.

Frederick Barton born 1925 in Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding.

Thank you,


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