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My family came from Altdamm, Germany, in 1880-1882. How can

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My family came from Altdamm, Germany, in 1880-1882. How can I research their lives in Altdamm?

genealogyhelper :

Hello, My name is Shirley and I will do my best to locate an answer to your question. If I need further information, I will contact you. Please do not submit a rating for your answer until you have received it, even if requested. Thank you, Shirley

JACUSTOMER-rjnv8jgo- :

Thank you Shirley. I am not in an urgent rush, but am wondering if you have any idea of when you might come up with something.

JACUSTOMER-rjnv8jgo- :

I got a message about a half an hour ago that there was an answer, but so for nothing.


What you received was an automatic message.

I do not believe there is an Altdamm, Germany. I do not know where you got that "name" but I believe it may be a transcription error. There is a similar German word Alsdann which means then. I hope that solves your problem. However, if it does not, I will be happy to do some research for you if you can provide more information.

Thank you,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Altdamm is the old German name of what is now the Polish city Dabie. It is located near Szczecin, Poland. Prior to WWII it was Stettin. Both Stettin and Altdamm (about 5 miles east of Stettin) were part of the Province of Pommerania in 1880.

Thank you for the information. A quick search on, using Pommerania did return results but, I cannot be sure it is your family as I do not have enough information on them. Another website you should try is It is free and is operated by the LDS Church, they have the largest collections of genealogical records in the world.

Thank you, Shirley

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you for your reply, but I have already used I am looking for MORE information than they can provide. It does not sound as if you will be able to provide that.


Is that a correct assessment?



No, that is not correct. Please try and give me a little more time as it is very late here. If I cannot find an answer to your question, I will opt-out and give another expert an opportunity to answer your question. This will not cost you anything as long as you do not give a rating.

Thank you,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you. I will wait. But if I am going to do business with an organization which advertises experts, then I would hope to expect something more than information which I can get for myself on free websites, especially if I am going to pay for it. Not wanting to sound harsh or mean spirited,



Hello Dave,

I completely understand. However, you asked how you could do the research and you had not mentioned using Family Search. From the limited introduction we get from most clients, we have no idea what their experience level is. Are you just wanting to know where to look or would you like me to research for you? If you would like the latter, please furnish the following information;

What is the relationship between Karl, Christian, and Franz? Do you have more information beside their birth and death dates? Did they marry? Did they have children?

Also, I can tell that you already have doubts about my abilities, would you feel more comfortable with a different expert?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Shirley,


Thanks for the clarification. Both and Family Search are LDS, I have used them both, and have pretty much exhausted both, unless there is something you know that I don't. I am looking to access records from Germany. My understanding is that after WWII, when both Stettin (Szczecin) and Dabie (Altdamm) were ceded to Poland, they may have been moved to some place in Berlin.


If there is something like that which the common man (me) can access, then I will be happy with that information. If not, then I would like to explore what you can do that I cannot.


I will start with my great grandfather, born in Altdamm, Germany.


Carl Kriehn

b. 8 Feb Altdamm, Germany

immigrated to U.S. 5 Nov 1881 from Bremen aboard ship "Hermann"

m Bertha Ewig, also from Altdamm, in 1884, in Milwaukee,WI

d. 1931 in Milwaukee


His parents:

Karl Kriehn

b. Nov 1828, (documented), in Altdamm, Ger (as far as I know)

m. Friedericke Kurt in 1854 (Altdamm, Ger)


4 children:

Franz (1859-1922, immigrated 1881-1882

m. Maria Ewig in Milwaukee, 1882, (also from Altdamm)


Herman C (25 Aug 1859, Altdamm (as far as I know)

immigrated Mar 1883

m. 1884 in Milwaukee to Wilhelmina von Rusch, from Ger, unsure exactly where


Auguste (1861-1913)

m. Friedrich Buhse in Milwaukee (I think, documentation unclear on this)


Carl (1862-1931)

See above


According to the 1900 census Karl and Friedericke had 6 children, the 4 mentioned above, and 2 who presumably did not come, but rather stayed or died (my guess) in Germany before Karl and Fried. left


Karl Kriehn had a brother Franz, 1834-1909, also from Altdamm, immigrated to U.S. in 1882, and joined his brother in Milwaukee

Franz married Carolina Lindemann, unsure whether in U.S. or Ger.


Parents of Karl and Franz

Christian Kriehn 1810-1877 presumably Altdamm, but unsure

m. a woman last name Bald, first name unknown, year unknown

I have family tradition on this, but no documentation


Somehow related???

Franz Kriehn 1774-1779 presumably Altdamm, but unsure

Johanne Paech 1778-?

Again, family tradition, but no documentation


My ancestors caught and smoked fish, initially in the lagoons and rivers (Baltic Sea) near Stettin and Altdamm in Germany, and then on Jones Island in Milwaukee harbor, at least initially, before heading to Port Washington and Manitowoc, WI


Sorry off to a rocky start. I did not mean to doubt your abilities. I will let it to you if you would like to continue or pass this along to someone else.


Dave Kriehn




Hello Dave,

After reviewing my German and Polish Genealogy course materials, I have come to realize this research project would be extremely time consuming. It truly is a labor of love as hiring a professional, and paying the going rate, could be very expensive.


I have a few suggestions, of which I am afraid to share as I do not want to risk offending you again, but I would be remiss if I did not.


There are three books you should add to your library;

Polish Roots, by Rosemary A. Chorzempa

Address Book for Germanic Genealogy, by Ernest Thode

Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns


I have also attached some information that could prove advantageous in your continued search. Thank you for allowing me to be of assistance in your research.




Attachment: 2013-08-12_005611_german_internet_sources.pdf


Attachment: 2013-08-12_005711_vital_records_and_civil_registers_pradziad.pdf



Shirley and other Genealogy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you. I am sorry that my reply seemed that I was offended. I did not mean to send that signal. I thought I had said that I was looking how to further my research by obtaining records from Altdamm, Germany. I have done about all I can do with sites like Ancestry, and family search. Those sites are no real help for overseas anything, at least as far as I can tell, so when you mentioned them, it did not seem as if we were really getting anywhere.


Thanks for all the references. I will follow up on them.


One final thing. I am happy to rate you in the 3 and higher range, but upon reading "the fine print" as it were, I see that if there are multiple questions, then there may be multiple charges. So that I know, where are we on that score?


Thanks for your work,


Dave K

Hello Dave,


Thank you for the kind rating.

You asked one question and received one answer.

I face a similar problem with my own research, only mine is between Poland and Russia. At least the Germans kept excellent records. I wish you success in your research.