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A. Schuyler
A. Schuyler, Genealogist
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I have been searching for my great grandfather[Augustus Becker]

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I have been searching for my great grandfather[Augustus Becker] who lived on a farm in Darmstadt and was born in approximately 1854.I believe he left Germany after his parents died,and traveled to Canada by boat, and then to New York where he married Mary Brachman. A ny help on him and possibly his ancestors would be a big help.
Thomas A. Becker
e-mail [email protected]

Hello there,

Thanks for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I can to try to help you.


Do you by any chance know his religion?


Also, do you know if he had an additional name? Odds are that if he was called Augustus that he was Johann Augustus, Friedrich Augustus, Christoph Augustus Becker (or something similar) since Germans were called by the name nearest the surname.


Do you know when he married in New York?


Looking forward to working on Augustus for you Smile


Al the best,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Schuyler, Hope you can help me.I don't know his religion,but my grandfather[Peter Becker] was Lutheran.When Augustus arrived in N.Y ,he then started calling himself August.He had several children[Peter,John,august Jr.,Emilia].I don't know of any other nicknames he was called.Hope this helps.


Hi, Tom,


If grandfather Peter was Lutheran, then great-grandfather Augustus was most likely that as well. I saw him in the 1900 census with Mary/Marie and the surviving children. I'll see where it leads me. It may be tomorrow before I get back to you. Becker is a very popular name in Germany and August/Augustinius/Augustine/Augustus wasn't a rare name. Couple that with the clergy's curious habit of forcing German given names into Latin and you have some peculiar baptism records (i.e. Andreas became Andreae, Catharina was Catharinae, etc.)


Have a great afternoon!




Hi, Tom,


In the 1900 census, August(us) said he was born in June 1853. I found only one born in Germany in June 1853. Carl August Friedrich Becker was born 29 Jun 1853 in Cluess, Mecklenberg, Germany, son of Carl Becker and Dorothea Koehn (Köhn in German). Of course, that isn't in Hesse-Darmstadt, but the family could have moved from there after his birth. There is no record of an August(us) born in Darmstadt June 1850-1855.


The first record of him in the USA is in the census in 1880:


1880 census -XXXXX Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

August Becker 27 M works in sugar refinery b Germany both parents b Germany

Mary Becker 21 F b NY both parents b Germany

Mary Becker 1 F b NY father b Germany mother b NY

Minnie Becker (probably Wilhelmina) 4 mos F b NY father b Germany mother b NY


1900 census on what looks like "Vandervoort Avenue", Brooklyn, Ward 18, Kings Co., NY

August Becker b June 1853 immigration 1875 naturalized in US 25 years foreman sugar refinery

Marie Becker b Jul 1858 married 22 years, 9 children/6 living

Henry Becker b Jul 1881

Lottie (i.e. Charlotte) Becker b Jul 1883

Emelia Becker b Sep 1886

John Becker b May 1892

Peter Becker b Feb 1896

August Becker, Jr. b June 1898


1910 Census - Ward 2, Queens Co., NY,XXXXX/span>

August Becker 46 M (should be 56) laborer in sugar factory arr US 1874 naturalized

Mary Becker 52 F married 32 years 9 chldren/5 living

Henry Becker 28 M

John Becker 18 M

Peter Becker 14 M

August Becker, Jr. 11 M

Emma (or possibly Anna) McDermott 3 F niece

William McDermott 4 M nephew


1915 New York State Census, Queens Co., NY

August Becker 61 M sugar refiner

Mary Becker 57 F

John Becker 23 M

Peter Becker 19 M

August Becker 16 M


1920 Census - Assembly District 2, Queens Co., NY

August Becker 66 M imm 1873 naturalized 1878

Mary Becker 61 F

John Becker 28 M

August Becker 21 M

Edward Brackman 40 M (brother-in-law) (b 19 Jan 1879 in Brooklyn)


1925 NY State Census, Queens Co., NY

August Becker 71 M

Mary Becker 66 F

Charlotte Becker 41 F

Edward Brackman 45 M brother-in-law

Anna McDermott 18 F niece

Catherine McDermott 16 F niece

Henry W. Becker 43 M sugar refinery foreman

Lottie Becker 37 F (Henry's wife and their family below)

August Becker 12 M

Marian D. Becker 7 days old


1930 Census - Queens Co., NY

Mary Becker 72 F Widow

Charlotte Becker 46 F daughter

Catherine McDermott 21 F niece

Edward Brakman 51 M brother

Henry W. Becker 48 M

Mollie Becker 42 F (she was shown as Lottie in the 1925 state census)

Henry Becker 17 M


So we know that August Becker died at some point between 1925 and 1930 in Queens Co., NY. There is no record online and no record of his burial.


New York is one of the most difficult states in the Union to do genealogy in. They make few records available to the public and fewer still online. You can, however, order his death certificate (usually contains names of parents) directly from the New York State Department of Health through this link:


That link provides information for events that took place outside of the boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island) only. For those boroughs, records can be ordered from the Municipal Archives at


The Municipal Archives may have the records for the births of all the children (dates given in 1900 census) and possibly the marriage of August and Maria/Marie/Mary. Brooklyn borough overlaps Brooklyn, Kings Co., so the records may be either place.


The naturalization papers are not online for New York. Only when you find hte complete records including declaration of intent to become a citizen will you find the information about the parents and when/how someone arrived in the US. The index cards include only the name, address, occupation, and names of two people who know the individual. I checked the NY City and State naturalization databases and did not find his name.


Please let me know if you ave questions.


All tuk ebst,









Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Schuyler... It is great to finally know where my great grandfather was born and the names of parents.I do know that he had siblings and relatives that he turned the farm over to before he left for the Americas.Without going into a lot of money to do this [I am not rich],is it possible to track any of them down,and push to see how far you can go with this????

I really appreciate what you have gotten so far.Please let me know how much money we are talking about before you proceed.Thanks again.


Unless you know the names, and dates and places where the siblings were born/married/died, there really isn't any way to trace them. The least any genealogist could accept would be the value of this question for each sibling. Just this one took 8 hours of research, so you can calculate the cost per hour. The genealogist also only gets a portion of the value of the question. We are really only supposed to research one specific item about one person per question. I just got terribly carried away with this one Wink because it was so interesting.


Research on site in Germany runs anywhere from $75-150 per hour, but we do not do on-site research.


I'd love to help you with one of the siblings once this question has been accepted.


All the best,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again Schuyler....Since I don't even know the names of his siblings,and this is going to start running into a lot of money,I am going to leave it where it now stands.Again I thank you very much for helping me with this problem,and if I should ever decide to continue,I will certainly contact you again.Thank you very much,and have a great night. Tom

Hi, Tom,


You're so very welcome. I am only paid when you accept the answer and leave a positive rating for the work done on August(us).


Have a great evening!




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