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A. Schuyler
A. Schuyler, Genealogist
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We have our DNA certificate, but do not know how to proceed.

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We have our DNA certificate, but do not know how to proceed. Do we have any Oceanic and Aboriginal Australian connection?
Thanking you.
Edward Dempster.

Hello, Edward,

Thanks for using Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I can to try to help you. Without seeing the information on the DNA certificate, there is no way to tell.


Please post a clear copy of the information here using the paper clip icon at the top of the reply box, or you can post it on an image sharing site like


Looking forward to seeing the results,




Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I hope that the information below is what you require. Thanking You.



The DNA Ancestry Project

Certificate of Y-Chromosome DNA Testing for Genetic Genealogy

Based on PCR testing of STR Loci in the Y-Chromosome, we hereby certify that

Edward Dempster

has the following ancestral Y-DNA markers

DYS19 / 394 = 14

DYS385a = 11

DYS385b = 14

DYS388 = 13

DYS389i = 13

DYS389ii = 29

DYS390 = 24

DYS391 = 10

DYS392 = 13

DYS393 / 395 = 13

DYS426 = 12

DYS437 / 457 = 15

DYS438 = 12

DYS439 / GATA A4 = 12

DYS447 = 25

DYS448 = 19

DYS460 / GATA A7 1 = 11

GATA H4 = 13

YCA IIa = 19

YCA IIb = 24

All markers are derived through PCR analysis of STR loci on the Y-Chromosome. Marker value designations are for DNA Ancestry Project database use. As the allelic nomenclature changes, all affected markers will be converted automatically to ensure continuing compliance with DNA Ancestry Project database compatibility requirements.

This data was analyzed using GB Version 3.5. When the allele numbers are assigned to the results, the values are assigned according to a Version number. When comparing two or more individuals, always ensure that the data is from the same version. The latest version is currently 3.5.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Schuyler,


I have responded with the details of our Y-DNA markers as shown to us on the certificate. That is all we have. Hoping you can tell us if we have any connection to Oceanic, Australian Aboriginal by them.

Thanking you. Edward.

Whatever company you bought this test from uses proprietary technology. Most allow you to sign in to their database to see what the results mean. In fact, most companies will give you information about what the results mean - not in any particular detail - but just a general blurb about what part of the world had similar genetic markers. I see nothing here to indicate Australian Aboriginal or Oceanic ancestry. The preponderance of markers are found in throughout the UK while a few are also seen in continental Europe as well as the UK.


Best regards,



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